How Do You Install RAM On An ASUS K50IJ?


Nov 14, 2009
I want to open up my case on my ASUS K50IJ Notebook and install 2 new sticks of RAM. All I really know is that it opens from the bottom. Does anyone else have any more specific info on how and where to open it? ASUS won't help me for it is installing a third party product. Also, the manual for my Notebook does not tell you how to open it up. Thanks. :)


im looking at upgrading from 3 to 4 gig myself,from what i read you remove the 4 screwes at the hinges,and 1 screw under the battery,and the whole bottom slides out,and you can get to the ram bank that contains the 1 gig modual.i havent done this yet,just something i read somewhere


Feb 23, 2007
That is correct.....I unfortunately could not initially figure out how to take the back off and took off ALL of the screws. :(
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