How much RAM does a 500gb SSD need to run well?

Picos Down

Oct 10, 2014
I think I'm going to go with a 500gb SSD on my new computer, (I'm a casual to medium level gamer) and I wanted to know how much RAM I'd need to be making good use of my SSD. I was planning around 16gb, but I've seen some things discussing 32gb. Am I going to notice a difference between those two sizes? I'm uncertain of the cost/benefit scenario.



[strike]Not quite accurate. Benchmarks show higher numbers with more system memory. Basically, in short bursts, the memory will be able to handle the offload from the SSD cache and stage it for the CPU/GPU to process.
Not sure what to search for, but Tom's did a round up on memory capacity, speed, and SSD scaling about a year ago.

Found it:,3475-4.html

Little off, performance didn't change significantly, but the SSD was written to less with more memory installed.