how to activate graphics card on laptop


Apr 7, 2013
i have acer v3-571g, there's 2 vga, intel hd graphics & nvidia geforce GT 630m, both active, but it seems the primary is the intel graphics, i tried to disable the intel from the system-display adapter
but when try to check it through dxdiag, it only uses microsoft basic display driver, & if go the nvidia control panel, it says "nvidia display settings are not available-you are not currently using a display attached to an nvidia gpu", i have tried to uninstall both vga, then i install the update driver from, but it still the same, so what should i do to activate my geforce 630m, i buy this product due to the graphics card, so why do i buy it if i can't use it...


Feb 12, 2013
Laptops with intel HD graphics and nvidia cards use something called "Optimus" which causes the laptop to only use the intel HD graphics while in windows, and only use the nvidia card while in games. This saves you a LOT in battery usage. This is why dxdiag will not detect your graphics card--it's not active within windows. Don't worry--you don't need to use your nvidia card while in windows. By default, most games will use the nvidia card, but you can make sure of that in your nvidia control panel.

You shouldn't be getting that error when you try to open the nvidia control panel, though. Perhaps something might have gone wrong when you were changing settings in the device manager.

In your device manager, do you see a yellow exclamation point next to either your intel HD graphics or your nvidia GPU? It SHOULD look something like this: