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  1. T

    Software To Edit Website?

    Hey, my Dad's old website for his company is outdated with information, but still comes up highly on search rankings so he's decided to give it a bit of a make over so people can be directed to the new website. We have Dreamweaver already, would that work? Sorry, rookie at this stuff :/ Any...
  2. G

    How To Set Up Google Chromecast

    In order to set up the Chromecast, Google offers very little in the way of instructions. Here's our detailed guide. How To Set Up Google Chromecast : Read more
  3. S

    Fast Laptop Randomly Starts To Run Games Laggy And Slow!!! (Please Help Me) <3

    So I have had this Toshiba p855-s5200 for a while now. The thing ran like a beast sometimes it would get (Call Of Duty Black Ops 2) To High Settings While Recording! But one day it just took a poop on me and it can't even run the game on low without recording? Here Is The Laptop...
  4. T

    Alienware 18 No sound from the speakers :(

    Greetings readers, First i'm going to describe my problem as accurately as possible. This is what I assessed so far: [Problem] No audio from the speakers [Cause] A faulty headphone jack that makes the system think something is always plugged in. Because of this sound does not go through my...
  5. Odonix

    How To Sell A Gaming PC?

    This past summer I built my first gaming rig for around $1200. I am unsatisfied and want to sell it. Where can I sell it? There is nothing wrong with it either. I have it on craigslist and all I've gotten is scammers. I can't use Ebay because when I try to sell something it says I can sell 0...
  6. H

    My Facebook account was Compromised.

    When I log into facebook I see a message saying '''We’ve Detected Suspicious Account Activity'' so when I click Continue it gets me to a page saying "Something went wrong" ..I try to ''SECURE MY ACCOUNT'' and I fill all the steps (changed my password like 12816 times) ,then I delete the recent...
  7. E

    how to connect my xbox 360 to my computer: Acer Chromebook 15

    How im getting to CRY CRY CRY and un friend everyone then tell me with out buying stuff for it ),=
  8. S

    Asus Zenbook UX303L boot to black screen, fans throttle for 4 seconds, then shut down

    Hi, it is my first post here so be gentle. I have an Asus Zenbook UX303L that was pushed back too far and broke the LCD back panel. The thing still works fine after the accident, and i tried to replace that part. Long story short, I replaced it and upon re-assembling it, the laptop boots to...
  9. X

    Laptop Screen Compatibility

    Hello there i want to replace my laptop screen and i want to know what things i must check to find a compatible screen. My laptop is an HP Compaq 6730s that it has an 15.4 ccfl 30 pin wxga screen. And i want to know, is all other 15.4 ccfl 30 pin wxga screens compatibles?
  10. D

    Connecting laptop to an external monitor ?

    Hey everyone I was wondering if I'm able to use an hdmi cable to connect my laptop to a external pc monitor using only an hdmi cable. Thank you!
  11. J

    MTP USB Device - Unable to see the disk in My Computer

    Hi Guys, I have a GoPro Hero 3 Black + and they recently released a new software for the camera. Since I installed it I am unable to see the disk mounted in my PC. When I plug the camera in, Windows is saying that it's "Installing device driver software" It then says "MTP USB Device" and...
  12. rutherfordsc

    How to Increase Text Size in Android 5.0

    High-resolution screens mean sharp videos at the cost of small, hard to read text. Here's two ways to make text bigger in Android 5.0. How to Increase Text Size in Android 5.0 : Read more
  13. JdogAwesome

    How to Create a Virtual Drive in UltraISO

    So I wanted to mount a ISO file to a virtual drive though when I click mount to virtual drive it says, "No virtual CD/DVD found!". I have tried following this guide but when I go to my Virtual Drive tab in configuration the Number of devices thing is grayed out as well all the other tabs except...
  14. rutherfordsc

    Google's Halloweenify Plays Trick or Treat on Your Pics

    Just because you're all grown up, doesn't mean you have to give up having fun on Halloween. Let Google+'s filter treat you to some fun pics. Google's Halloweenify Plays Trick or Treat on Your Pics : Read more
  15. P

    How to fix lenovo tablet usb port?

    My lenovo s6000 tablet's usb port started becoming loose about 4 months after i bought it. Now since a month it has stopped charging completely. I have no idea what to do. Is there any way to fix it or to charge it without the port?
  16. G

    How to Change Clock Faces on You Android Wear Watch

    One of the coolest part about Android Wear watches is the fact that you can change their faces on-the-fly. Which means that instead of having to stare at the same old analog face day in and day out, you can go from a funky digital face, to an artsy anal How to Change Clock Faces on You Android...
  17. G

    Canon EOS 70D DSLR: 7 Tips for Great Pics

    Canon's DSLR is great for advanced consumers as well as pros who want to lighten their loads. These tips will help you get the most out of the camera. Canon EOS 70D DSLR: 7 Tips for Great Pics : Read more
  18. K

    [Help]Setting up a gaming Cafe

    I am setting up a gaming cafe and I intend to use Windows 8.1 in all of my systems I will be having 20 computers connected to one server. Also I am launching another cafe of the same brand name somewhere else in the city. I intend to use a prepaid ticket/login system that will store all the...
  19. naroslife

    How to use all speakers of 5.1 system with smartphone?

    Hello there! I have a Genius SW-5.1 1000 sound system. Photo: I am looking for ways to connect a non 5.1 player device (e.x. a smartphone or an old laptop) to the mentioned 5.1 speaker system and make all the speakers work. What causes the problem is, that I only have 1 output on the playing...
  20. G

    Best Shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube for Feb. 2014

    With new online originals and heaps of new series and episodes available, there's more than chocolate, candy hearts and roses to love in the month of February. Best Shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube for Feb. 2014 : Read more
  21. JMcEntegart

    What is Google Helpouts?

    Google Helpouts connects you with experts so you can get advise or learn about a given subject. What is Google Helpouts? : Read more
  22. S

    Is this Laptop good for gaming

    Im looking at the ACER E1 571 (With no G At the end). The laptop looks quite good but I want your opinions, I want this laptop for gaming and I also would like to run games such as COD, the laptop is the i5 Model and can be found here...
  23. J

    How do i Connect two red and white cables to one input?

    How would I connect two male stero audio cables (red an white) to one female stero audio input (red and white)?
  24. P

    How to get 5.1 surround

    Hi, How to get surround sound on my pc from dvd player? My player : PHILIPS HTS 6543 with 5.1 speaker. Connection available in the player: HDMI, RCA, Coaxial. My PC: with Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 sound card I want to play (original dvd) movies & games with surround sound. is it possible?
  25. D

    CHanging from programmed to manual

    I have a Minolta Maxxum700si slr camera. It is on program and I need it on manual. I do not have an owner's manual I can't seem to figure out how to get it on manual.
  26. S

    how to recover formatted files on android phone memory ..please help ?

    I accidentally fomatted my phone memory on android ..please help me to recover :(
  27. S

    how to stop acer aspire one netbook keep updating

    My netbook keeps updating on shutdown and start up and takes ages to get on and off, can anyone help? Also its running very slow, ive just factory reset it and its still happening :-(
  28. S

    How to unlock an IDE hard drive (so it can formatted and re-used)

    I bought a couple of expensive Automotive Grade hard drives on ebay that came from from MyGig RBZ nav units. I didn't know this particular nav unit uses a security code on the drive. I was planning on remimaging the drives for other MyGig models but the drive is innaccesable. I cannot...
  29. R

    How to connect pc speakers to tv with no audio output?

    I have bought rca 3.5mm cable and a phono splitter. Does anyone know how to connect my pc speakers to the tv. It has no audio output
  30. A

    roland mv-30 studio m forums

    Can someone please let me know how to set my drum click to a 3/4 beat? I can only set to 4/4 at the moment. Much Thanks Art
  31. N

    How to install extension on Photoshop Elements

    Hello, guys! I just found an extension for - for mixing colors on the color wheel in Photoshop. It has a file extension .zxp and I can't find the way how to install it on Photoshop Elements 6. Can anybody help me please? Thank you, Norm
  32. Z

    my sim crd is blockd

    my sim crd is blockd how to unlock my sim crd..
  33. J

    new iphone 5

    with my new iphone how to access email. It was working on my old iphone 4.
  34. C

    need help with my galaxy s4

    How to remove the armor for android from my devise?
  35. yasserBasha

    how to view hidden files in android

    Hi guys .. So I have Sony XPeria LIVE WITH WALKMAN and I had some files that I wanted to hide, so one friend of mine did that for me, now i tried to view these file on phone but I couldn't, then I connected my phone to my PC and tried the show hidden files option from windows but it showed a...
  36. R

    How to stop FRAPS lag?

    Hello, I have been trying to record some TF2 gameplay with fraps but it has become to laggy to play. In game I am getting about 300fps however when i start to record the game stutters and struggles to run at even 20fps. My system specs: i5 3570k at 4.2ghz sapphire vapor x 7950 8gb corsair ram...
  37. A

    Sir, iam having Lenovo z580 laptop, and in this---when I start ,it shows this problem , how to rectify it..pls suggest.

    --------------------------- --------------------------- Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at IntelligentTouchpad.MainWindow.MainWindow_LostKeyboardFocus(Object sender, KeyboardFocusChangedEventArgs e) at...
  38. J

    how to hook up tmobile concord phone to tv

    Need help connecting my tmobile concord phone to my dynex tv
  39. J

    how to hook up tmobile concord phone to tv

    Need help connecting my tmobile concord phone to my dynex tv
  40. DarkDubzs

    How do completely backup a Galaxy S4?

    I want to get a Samsung Galaxy S4 so bad (hate iPhone's now), but i never really knew how to backup an Android device. I know a lot about Apple devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPod, etc and i know how to fully backup their data and apps with iTunes. Since ive never used an Android, i...
  41. S

    how to disable in bios sata in toshiba

    how to disable in bios sata in toshiba
  42. M

    How to control bass and treble on old av receiver

    Hi i recently inherited an old home theater set up and decided to use it on my computer. I got it all hooked up (just 2 speakers for stereo) and everything except I don't have the remote for the receiver and have no idea how to set the treble and bass. When i was using the speakers on my weak...
  43. Z

    can i conect my tab to other hdmi tv accept samsung

    I have hdtv adapter when i plugg in its shows nothing pleas tell me about how to conect from tab 2 10.1 to nihon hdtv
  44. ahmad_98

    move apps to sd card

    I have samsung galaxy core. How to move the apps to sd card.
  45. A

    Issues with Keyboard

    My kpyboar\; is giving mp troublps. As you can see. It rpplaces "e" with "p" often (not always, just ran\;omly) so turns up the volume on my computer when it does this. "d" becomes "\;" an\; othpr issues. Help?
  46. Q

    sony digital video camera dcr-trv265e

    how to do video recording
  47. P

    How to .....

    How to launch zuma on full screen? i restart the game. but zuma launch in window mode. who can fix?
  48. I

    Acer laptop operating system

    My Acer laptop crashed. I bought a new hard drive and installed it myself. I bought a new Windows 7 disc to install. When I turn on the laptop the screen just says
  49. WyomingKnott

    Lost Data? Recovery: How To

    If you have lost data, pictures, or SMS messages, please see this excellent note by one of our moderators in the Cellphone forum: . Despite our constant vigilance, many of the posts, or entire threads, about recovering lost...
  50. M

    how to know what to buy in laptop

    How do I know how many gb, memory when buying new laptop? I want it for browzing, facebook, e-mail and shopping, printing recipes and i want window xp and not a real high price? also windows
  51. D

    lost my nokia c5-03 to find out.

    i lost my nokia c5-03 mobile. m mobile IMEI no. is 357425046758395.sir plzzz help me how to find out...itz my dad's gift on my b'day.
  52. M

    how to retrieve lost document on phone memory card

    i was trying to download music to my memory card and i accidently deleted all my important documents and i need help to get it back what should i do
  53. S

    Hello. Does anybody know how to get to the keyboard in a Packard Bell Easynote TS11SB?

    I want to change the keyboard on my Packard Bell Easynote TS11SB, but the keyboard doesnt seem easy to reach.Does anybody know how?
  54. M

    connect wifi to mobile phone

    how to connect wifi to mobile phone
  55. T

    Video is not running

    I got message (Couldn't load plug-in how to run my videos? Please help Thanks Mo
  56. R

    Acer Aspire S5: How to Remove Screen?

    Hi, Does anyone know how to remove the screen from an Acer Aspire S5 Ultrabook or know of any online guides? I dropped my iPhone on top of my laptop which resulted in the inside of the screen cracking. Also, can anyone recommend any websites for purchasing replacement screens? I have previous...
  57. L

    how to connect samsung rex 80 s5222R to pc using internet

    i can't connect internet by using my mobile
  58. J

    how to enable keys M backspace and enter?

    Certain keys on my dell 1525 laptop have disabled and i cannot sign into my laptop. How has this occurred?
  59. silverslob

    How To Turn Off Subtitles On Samsung Plasma When Using USB Device?

    Hello, I have a Samsung 60" Class 1080p 600Hz Plasma HDTV - PN60F5300AFXZA When I use the USB on tv to connect a flash device or external hdd the tv's internal media player works fine, my issue is I can't turn off subtitles. If I play any of my movie or tv files on my pc in vlc, pot player or...