[Help]Setting up a gaming Cafe


Feb 14, 2013
I am setting up a gaming cafe and I intend to use Windows 8.1 in all of my systems
I will be having 20 computers connected to one server. Also I am launching another cafe of the same brand name somewhere else in the city.
I intend to use a prepaid ticket/login system that will store all the details of the people with their ID's and passwords on the server as well as on my website. I know very limited coding and can do simple things in website designing etc.
All i intend to do is make that prepaid login/ticket system available to both of my servers and both of them should have the same database such that a person who created an ID in the 1st Cafe can play with the same ID in the second cafe.
Which is the best possible software for cafe management. Price is no problem. I can extend my budget upto 400$ for the software. All i need is to accomplish this. Could anyone please help.
It should have a god or atleast comparable feature list like http://www.krisancafe.net/


Jan 10, 2014
This is the program they use at my local café and i think it´s seems rather easy to work with.


You can even try it out for free, i think its worth looking into.
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