How to back my original win 8 accer


Mar 14, 2014

I' have accer V 5 with original win 8, but one day is not working , so
I' have tried recover and reset my win 8 , but not working, so I'm decide to change my operation system Win 7 but only 3 days working, I 'm tried to change with Linux but only 2 days working my computer overheating.
How I can find my original win 8, after 3 time re-installing with different operation system?
Still have hope?

If you formatted the entire drive and deleted the recovery partition, then you cannot get it back. You will need to contact Acer for replacement recovery discs, and they will charge for that. This is why it's best to always create backup recovery discs or a recovery USB drive.

If the recovery partition is still there and you have only formatted the OS partition repeatedly, then you should still be able to access the recovery. You'll have to refer to your model's support page for instructions on booting to the recovery process though.