How to be sure my laptop's dedicated GPU is using its own VRAM


May 5, 2016
Acer Aspire E 15 E5-573G-52G3
GeForce 940m 2gb VRAM
Intel i5 5200u 8gb RAM

So I've been having some problems with my GPU, and have posted here once before. Unfortunately my laptop is still acting up, and not much seems to help it.

No matter what game it is I play, sometimes the FPS will stutter. By this I mean it will jump from 60+ down to around 20 back and forth constantly. I have checked my temps and found nothing out of the ordinary. The memory I'm using shown by task manager does occasionally jump up but is usually at a normal level.

Sometimes just restarting the game is enough to fix it. Sometimes I have to restart my laptop completely. And other times, none of this works.

So today I open GeForce Experience and notice it only has my CPU's 8gbs of memory listed, and does not acknowledge the GPU's own 2gbs. Is it possible that my GPU is not making use of it's own VRAM? How can I tell, and if this is the case, how can I fix it? Thank you!