How to conect dell laptop hdmi to crt tv


Apr 6, 2011
first of all, how old is this tv and what inputs does it have? if it's only coax, I'd recommend you forget this idea.

you will need a digital to analog converter box to begin (it's not cheap). also you will have to set your output resolution to something like 640x480 unless the converter box can downscale the image for you

long story short, it's just not something that's done very often, because crt tvs weren't meant for modern PC input


I think Alabalcho has the best bet.

IT was almost over night that computers went from having s-video/composite/component to just hdmi for everything.

If you have the VGA port the item posted above should work, just remember if you are in North America(maybe even if you are in Japan) you will need to be sure the device is set to NTSC, for most of Europe , PAL will be used.

I had used s-video with everything from cheap tvs to more expensive ones without any issues regardless of how many HZ those tv's are rated for. In fact I see no link between it(hz) and being able to push a computer signal, it is all about having the right connection. For most users, it was composite. Component would look better if the tv supports it(but the adapter above lacks it).

Please note due to resolution differences and the general design of CRT TV's, text will not be nearly as sharp as on a computer screen, but video and even many games will work just fine.

One thing to watch for is the adapters that are just a cable since you need a card that supports composite over vga and not many do that any more.

Hi :)

The link was not between hz and a signal...

The link was that 100hz Crts were very expensive in their day and therefore had MORE connections...i.e VGA, S-Video, RCA etc etc...

All the best Brett :)
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