how to connect 2 NON- Bluetooth devices using Bluetooth transmitters?!?


Dec 20, 2015
Ok so i have a standard smart tv and i have a "rocker" a chair that has speakers built into it. So as of now i have a 22 foot aux cable, but this kinda sucks...
What i would like is to use 2 Bluetooth transmitters/ receivers basically as the auxiliary cable eliminating the wire. I know im not the 1st one with this idea. But as far as i know you have to ""pair"" a Bluetooth device normally using some type of pin depending on the make/model.
Than theres the lost of "stereo" leaving me with mono only, but this makes no sense to me since i use Bluetooth headphones all the time and they work in "stereo" so this may just be rumor or bad assumptions..
Any input on this would be greatly appreciated thank you..