How to connect a samsung tv, soundbar and bluray player - bluray sound only tv speakers


Jan 6, 2017
I have samsung tv UE32J5500, samsung soundbar HW-J355 and samsung bluray BD-J4500R. I have optical from bar to tv and hdmi from tv to bluray but sound is only coming from tv speakers when I play bluray. Also, when I use smart functions, e,g, netflix on tv, sound only comes through tv speakers. Any help greatly appreciated!
Thamks in advance.
BD player connects to TV with HDMI.
TV optical audio out to soundbar optical audio in. Select the optical audio input on the soundbar.
You may have to turn the optical out on, the TV speakers off and change the audio output type in the TV audio or set up menu to get sound.
Some TVs don't output audio from all the sources. Complain to Samsung if so.
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