How to connect bluetooth speakers to Samsung TV RCA input, while having a sound bar connected to the optical?


Jan 22, 2017
I bought a bluetooth transmitter to connect my bluetooth headphones to it in order to get sound from my Samsung TV (that does not have bluetooth). I also have a sound bar connected to the optical place on the tv, how do I make sound come to my headphones and not the sound bar? So far I cannot hear anything from the headphones.
First - make sure you can get sound thru wired headphones connected to the TV.
Second - make sure the BT transmitter is paired with your BT headphones (connect the transmitter to your smart phone playing music).

Most TVs have a selector for where you want the auto to go - optical or built-in.
Makes and model numbers would help.
You may not be able to get both audio outputs to work at the same time.
The solution is two split one of the audio outputs and use it for both the soundbar and BT transmitter.
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