how to connect external microphone on laptop

Apr 6, 2018
Actually my laptop has one 3.5 mm jack , but when I do connect my external microphone in my laptop, then it works as a headphone, I meant after connect my microphone in my laptop, I can hear songs and sounds etc from this microphone, so its difficult for singing, what I have to do, please tell me, please help me to solve this...
Apr 6, 2018

Actually the thing is my laptop has one 3.5 mm jack point... so when I tried to plug in my microphone for singing purpose, and when I started to sing the song, then I can hear the karaoke music through that microphone, when I connect this microphone in laptop, the laptop detect that it is a headphone, not microphone, so thats why the voice or songs, comes through the microphone... instead I have to sing through microphone, i just need that i just speak or sing everything through microphone and the voice should be output from box or speaker...
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