How to connect new Droibox 7.1 android box to my old Denon AVR-3200


Jan 26, 2018
Having real issues trying to get audio from my new android 7.1 box. I hooked it up exactly the same as my older android box using an rca cable from the receiver to the android box but not having any luck.
Is my av receiver just too old to cope with the android box?
Is it possible to use the digital coaxial output and hook it up that way?
I've seen that many cables and converters i've started to see double and getting very confused.
Any help would be greatly appreciated before I consider sending the box back!
There can't be any issue using analog to the receiver. Stereo analog doesn't change.
The analog AV output on the box may not be on by default. Check the android box menu. This would be the lowest quality connection you would use.
If you have a digital audio output available you should use it. Much better sound quality and digital surround sound which you won't get with a stereo input.
Other options would be to use the digital audio output of the TV to the receiver, use an HDMI input selector with audio extraction or better still connect the box (and other sources) to the receiver and the receiver to the TV with HDMI.

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