Solved! How to connect old Pioneer surround sound system to LG TV + Nintendo Switch?

Dec 2, 2018
I have inherited a surround system from a sibling who moved away. It's a Pioneer XV-DV252 with a DVD/CD Receiver and no HDMI input/output. I've attached a photo of the ports on the back of the receiver:

The receiver can connect to my LG 32LH35FD TV through component cables but as I have no interest in watching DVDs, and would only want to use the speakers either from playing games on my Nintendo Switch or watching movies on Netflix via my laptop connected to the TV, I am wondering if there is an easy way to connect all these things or if it's not worth it given the age of the sound system?

Thank you.


Not at all. Electronics have changed, but speakers remains the same since they were invented, speakers you have will work practically with anything. Buy another receiver with similar power rating and able to drive 4 ohms speakers (from your picture), and having an Optical input (minimum) and/or multiple HDMI inputs (best).

One caveat: The better AVR (Audio Video multi-channel surround Receiver) want a self-powered (Active) subwoofer, and yours is not. Don't ask me why. So whatever you get, and u want to avoid the hassle of finding a stand-alone subwoofer, this new receiver must be able to drive your passive subwoofer.

How do u know your receiver can do one or the other? Drive Active: A single RCA jack labeled SUB/LFE. Drive Passive: OTHER type of connector
Your picture shows a device that's is only capable of playing stereo from an external component. Its surround is limited to the built-in DVD. So if whatever you want to hook up to it has analog stereo output, you are good to go, but nothing else
Dec 2, 2018

Thank you for your answer. Does this also mean if I purchased a more up-to-date receiver I would be unable to use the same speakers for surround?
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