How to connect samsung galaxy y 2g internet to laptop


Feb 14, 2013
Now its possible to share your andriod phones internet on laptop. Follow the below steps.
1. Make a wi-fi 'on' on your Laptop & Andriod phone.
2. In your mobile option select ' setting ' you will find ' Wireless & Networks' option select the same.
3. Now you will see 'Tethering & portable hotspot' selsect the same & now activate 'portable wi-fi hotspot'.
4. Now in 'portable wi-fi hotspot setting' click on 'Configure protable wi-fi hotspot'.
5. And yes remember to set your secret password for wi-fi network.
6. Now you will see that your Andriod wi-fi network in list.
7. Connect it by putting same password which is set on phone for wi-fi.

Enjoy net form android phone to laptop.
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