How to connect vcr recorder to cable box


Mar 10, 2014
I have a toshiba vcr and dvd put together its new and i would like to know how can i connect it to my cable box i have time warner and i have red yellow and white wire but i have no more slots for it i only have components that are open for use i have a green blue red wire but every time i connect it it wont work please help me i want to record my favorite shows
If you have the cable box connected to your TV with HDMI I don't think the component outputs will be active. You will need to split the yellow video output with a Y connector and feed the video to both the VCR and the TV. If you don't have two sets of L/R audio outputs you will have to do the same with them. You will need 3 Y connectors with 1 male connector and 2 female connectors like this
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