How to delete password from my android cell phone

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Saga Lout

Olde English
We can't help you with that here. If it was possible and we told you how to do it, all the thieves who steal phones would know how to access peoples' personal data. A factory reset will get rid of those data and give you a fresh start.


Oct 23, 2007

If I know the password why can't I clear it. If I was a thief and knew he password it would not make any difference.

Saga Lout

Olde English
If you were a thief, you wouldn't know the password - that's what protects our personal data from thieves. If a device is only lost and if it had certain software installed, all those data could be deleted remotely but if that software wasn't there, the data would be vulnerable if the thief knew how to crack the password. We don't want to train those people to do their illegal job.

That's why we have firm Rules of Conduct around here and you signed up to having read them when you joined. They've changed quite a bit since 2007 so I suggest you go through them again.

OK so what's left to you to use your phone again is to reset the device to its factory settings with the loss of all private data. That way the password has done its job of protecting the personal data.

Power off then press the Volume Up button while pressing the Power button to switch on. Hold them down for a few seconds unti a menu of options. One of those will be Reset, scroll down to it by using the Volume up and down buttons then press Power to select your highlighted choice.

Make a note of your password and keep it somewhere safe. TIP: If it was the same as your Google account password, use your PC to change it by answering the security questions they ask and only you should be able to answer. Just don't let them send you a new code by text message to your registered phone number - you won't recieve it.
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