How to find get back a stolen laptop?


Apr 11, 2012
since no one knows about the situation,, there isn't a real way on tracking the actual laptop unless you planted a software in it that allowed you to track it from another source. the most you can do is contact local authorities when it happened, but a month has gone by, and its probably long gone by now.


Like dudewitbow said, having some special software on it would have helped. You could also track it if you know it's MAC address or if you connected to any wifi network, it may have recorded the MAC address.
Serial number is visible when you (or the police) have the laptop in your hands.

Knowing the serial number is only useful if the laptop is found by the police so that they know who real owner. File a stolen property report.

Realistically your chances of getting it back are the same as for any other stolen item.