Question How to increase internet speed on hotspot

Mar 1, 2020
My family and I live in a house with no internet, fortunately we all have unlimited data on our smartphones...We use them all as hotspots for our various tables and computers...Unfortunately our internet speed is abysmal, ranging between 0.5-1mb/s...If we lived 200-300m away, it would be great, easily around 20-30mb/s...

So my question is, how can I improve on this from where our house is placed...Is there some kind of antenna I can buy to get a better signal to and from our local mast or what do I do..?

If you do have a solution, please explain it as if I was your 8 year old nephew...English isn't my main language (so I'll prolly have to translate all your technical lingo) and I'm basically bereft of tech-savy...

Cheers all :)
You would need to talk to your cell service provider to see if they offer anything to boost signals. Unfortunately many of those devices use an internet connection to then generate a cell phone signal, you just need a cell booster. Having your private cell tower is not practical.
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