How to Migrate from Windows XP Before Microsoft Pulls the Plug

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Nov 18, 2013
The advice given to me says the software and hardware are tools.
So I have to answer a few questions:
1. Which of these tools do what I need?
2. Do I already have some I can reuse?
3. Financially, can I afford to buy new?
4. Do I have the skills to do it myself?

If I had the money, my wishlist would include that little round $3000 Mac Pro, the Samsung 12.2 tablet, a 3d digitizer and printer, a color printer capable of large format printing, a large format scanner, the RED digital movie camera, and a personal internet accessible at lightning speed anywhere on planet earth.

Alas, my budget and rusty tinkering skills have left me with this decision:
1. move all my data to a backup.
2. install clean drive.
3. do the windows 7 ISO.
4. Test to re-install any programs that might still work (GIMP, Scribus, Chrome and Firefox, my Chrome apps like Pixlr Express and Editoretc.: new MS Word because i like it, AVG because it works nicely, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro which I plan to buy after 15 day use ends, Sketchup 2014, netgear A6200, And for now Verizon Navigator if it works.).
5. my trusty android phone (google drive, convert everything, sketchbook pro, pixlr express, hanla outliner, etc, google play, google keep)
6. put my old xp drive in another pc, make sure its healthy, but always offline for reference, no internet.
7. And my second ancient desktop is where i occasionally tinker with using other OS.
8. Save for that Mac Pro and the Samsung 12.2.


Jul 25, 2014
Thanks for providing helpful research on Windows XP migration!

I did successful migration from Windows XP to Windows 8. Right now, I face the trouble with DBX file that can’t be imported in to MS outlook.

Let me know the steps for converting DBX file in to PST file manually?
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