How to restore my acer aspire 8920 laptop to factory settings?




I have an ASPIRE 8920 Laptop and when i turn on the laptop the welcome screen comes on but then it just goes onto a blank screen. I can get onto the task manager by control alt and delete and run a new task to get onto the internet but i cant get onto my desktop? How can i restore back to factory settings as it may have started with a virus?


Apr 21, 2010
You could attempt a windows repair-install (boot from Windows media, then start the installation wizard and select to repair an existing installation when you get to that point). You will lose some personalized settings and likely your Win updates, but will keep the programs you have installed.
If you suspect a virus that you can not remove with an antivirus program, best is to make a back-up of your important files, then wipe the HDD using some low-level format (like Killdisk - visit their website for detailed instructions), then reinstall the OS. Make sure the files you are backing up are not infected, otherwise will end up in the same situation again. Regular formatting does not wipe the HDD and will not get rid of the virus.