How to run an .exe file which was copied from a windows server 2003 to a pc


Sep 30, 2013
Hi, I have copied office2007 installer files from the CD to a folder in a server(windows 2003). Then, I sent over the folder to a pc using a tool. In the folder, I created a batch file that will run the setup.exe. Once the folder has been copied to pc, the batch file should execute the setup.exe and start the installation automatically. I have tried many commands but failed to execute the exe file once it's copied to the pc. Please help. TQVM


Dec 24, 2011
You don't need to copy the office folder to the local pc to install it, it will install fine from the server.

Beyond that, there are a few reasons why it might not be working e.g.
not all the files and folders got copied
there is no command to initiate the batch file, or it's pointing to the wrong location
the batch file is pointing the wrong location

assuming you're running vista or newer -
is the User Account Control switched on?
batch files don't work right when it is
user level will read network paths but won't install the program
admin level, strangely, allows install but won't read network paths
I had to switch UAC off to get batch files to do both

I have to ask though, why start it with a batch file at all when all you need to do is hit the setup.exe file itself?