How to see my Android phone from my PC

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Peter Williams

Jul 28, 2013
Apologies if this is covered elsewhere - just didn't find it.

I have an Android phone - Galaxy Ace. (just a few days ago)
I have a desktop PC (windows 7)
I have a wired / wireless router

My PC is connected to the router via a cable (works fine). I can access the route directly via the IP address.

My WIFI phone can see the router and has a similar IP address (last digit different)

Should I be able to access my phone from my computer - i.e. to access photos.

My phone is 'SYNCed' with Google gmail for contact etc but not photos.

I have tried to connect my phone via USB also and again I can't see the 'photos (on the SDcard I assume). Can't see any other disk space on my PC - just my C & D drives.

Must be able to connect somehow ! Is there a setting I have missed? Do I need an APP

Appreciate any help
Not open for further replies.