Question connecting my ip cameras again


Aug 20, 2016
i just got frontier fiber internet service and as i figured i lost my cameras on my phone. and my pcs plus ther search tool fails to show them. the old ip address was .0.1 with my port number at the end now the ip is .4.1 so now i have to figure out how to get them to be seen. to bad i can't change the eero ip address or can i? i went into the phone app i do see a spot to make it static but i do not know if i can make the subnet mask and the router ip to be what i have on the cameras now. does anyone happen to know if i can change these to match when the dvr and nvr setting are?

i guess i may have to do a reset on the cameras again to get them to match the new eero router? but maybe a fast change of the eero ip and subnet mask and router ip may do the trick. that is far easier than redoing 8 cameras on 4 devices. thanks.