How to send audio to the laptops audio jack forcefully on windows


Dec 11, 2016
Hi, Couple of weeks back my laptops jack was broken . So i was not able to hear anything on windows as the headphones were not getting detected. Next day i boot to remix os as i have dual booted my laptop. I find out that when i plug the headphones in OS is not detecting but i am able to clearly hear the audio on my headphones now because it is not able to detect headphones its also being played on speakers too at the same time.
But windows works in a different way it disables audio output via jack if there are not headphones connected to save power .

After troubleshooting alot i find out that my laptop's headphone jack pin that detects the headphones in is broken but is still capable of sending audio.

I want to know is there any way to force the windows to send system audio to the jack instead of speakers. Speakers can be disabled but how to send audio to the jack .

Please share and help me what can i do regarding that.
Thanks in advance.