How to sign a PDF without signing it?


Aug 26, 2010
So often we are asked by companies to sign a form and mail or fax it back to them. And there are many programs that allow you to fill in PDF's even when they try to lock them. But that signature is a problem. Hard to sign with a mouse! But what about scanning your signature and copying and pasting the scanned image on to the form? It would look exactly like you signed it on paper. Then you could deal with all these forms without bothering to print, sign, fax, etc. It would be 100% electronic. That same scanned signature could be used indefinitely and it would never change unlike the variability we often notice when we sign stuff. You could just scan your ID's signature so it matches perfectly.


Telegraphed signatures were legally valid in the nineteenth century, faxed ones in the twentieth. I'm afraid this is old hat, and has now been replaced by encrypted digital "signatures". Far safer than a scanned sinature that anyone could purloin and use for fraudulent purposes.