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    Solved! Non-Continous PDF Page Editing

    Anyone know of a PDF editor that allows for non-continous page replacement? None of the software I tried have it- Adobe Acrobat DC, and all similar alternates, insist on continuous page replacement, doesn't allow me to skip pages.
  2. S

    Best laptop for under 300$

    My girlfriend needs a laptop for work, surfing the internet, downloading pdf's and microsoft office for under 300$ CA. She is not tech savyy but wants Windows 10, and a laptop around 11".
  3. A

    Solved! File extension error

    Hi, I am a windows 10 user and I am lately facing a problem with my few pdf files which seems to have automatically changed its extensions to ".NJFITAVTX" in addition to .pdf For Ex: "xxyyzz.pdf" got changed to "xxyyzz.pdf.NJFITAVTX" I am unable to open those pdf files and I also found a...
  4. A

    Which version of Acrobat for a school?

    A school I work for needs to be able to make some additions to a PDF plan of the building, to update it in line with some recent changes. To the best of my knowledge, Acrobat is the best software for editing PDFs, but when I've been looking at subscription options, I'm a little confused by the...
  5. G

    Solved! Enterprise vs personal URL blocked

    Hello, I have a weird problem at work. I am supposed to use a document online, pdf. It is the SIA registrant list on the official Bahamas government website. The 2018 list is blocked at work, http://www.scb.gov.bs/documents/Firms%20%20as%20at%2030%20September%202018.pdf But the 2017 is...
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    Solved! How can I edit text in PDF. I downloaded the free trial version Acrobat DC with editing abilities. I still cannot change wor

    How can I edit text in PDF. I downloaded the free trial version Acrobat DC with editing abilities. I still cannot change words even when clicking on edit PDF and edit Text
  7. H

    yuntab d102 won't download

    will not download any images or pdf or data. Google play is fine everything else will not download
  8. A

    Simple Scan software that can scan to folder.

    Hi, I need to find a really simple-to-use piece of software that will allow my colleague to scan documents in PDF format to a pre-defined folder. She uses a Brother MFC-9140 to scan. She often has to scan multi-page documents, many times per day, but is not hugely tech-literate, so the ideal...
  9. B

    What is the best software to edit PDF file?

    What is the best software to edit PDF file? I have a lot of old books that they were scanned and made into PDF formats many years ago. However, I would like to make some modifications now. Things like - detecting those English text from the PDF file so that I can copy them or edit them...
  10. A

    Live PDF Display

    Is there software available for windows that opens a pdf from a folder and displays it on the screen but as a new pdf is added to the folder it will update and only display the latest pdf. Cheers
  11. N

    Securitycheck.pdf False positive or virus?

    Hello Guys. I had noticed earlier today, that i might have had a virus, either way, i decided to just freshly install windows 10 as it has been a long time since i've last done so. However, after getting AV, Steam and drivers installed Avast popped up saying i had gotten a virus from a dokument...
  12. P

    pdf edit and merge?

    Have to use and submit .pdf files for our work portal. We are a small company, and due to the "per seat" license the boss doesn't really want to use Adobe Pro, and yes, I know it's $14.99 a month. I work with pdf escape and pdf merge, which have been free online tools. Not long ago escape put...
  13. A

    pdf editor appilaction

    hi everyone please Introduce me a pdf editor for pc that have eraser and can add text in arabic
  14. S

    Toshiba Satellite P870 Part Number: PSPLFA-017001

    Does anyone have a PDF of the Service Manual available?
  15. S

    local pdf also goes blank. Is there any solution?

    I have downloaded a file from internet a month ago and saved to my mobile phone with its original name. Now it goes blank. I tried many pdf viewer but in vain. File size is showing, but opened as blank. Is there any formula to change it dynamically?
  16. P

    PDF on Facebook

    Hello everyone, What is the best way to post a multi page pdf to facebook? Thanks!
  17. T

    Solved! Wondering if this is doable - google doc/sheet question

    Hi everyone, So I received a google doc/sheet, pdf format sent to me attached and it's my work I've been collabing on and this morning I looked at the pdf and by comparison, it changed tonight as I looked at it. My question is can the person who sent you this google doc/sheet, pdf made change...
  18. B

    i didnt get screen shot as per above guide lines. my laptop is dell inspiron

    the text and graph is in pdf format. i followed instructions all given but didnt get screen shot. i want to take screen shot for ext aswell graph from pdf
  19. P

    email pdf attachments on android won't download in spite of having adobe reader

    I am unable to open a PDF document email attachment on Moto G 3rd Generation android. The following message appears: Download Error :There was insufficient memory or the SD card has been unmounted or removed. Try rebooting our device and contact support if error persists. There is plenty of...
  20. S

    Deleting files from internal memory without deleting from sdcard

    I have several thousand pdf files that are in both the pdf folder and the document folder. If I delete a pdf from one, it is also deleted from the other for some reason. I created a pdf folder called Ebooks on my sdcard. If I put my pdf files in that folder, then erase them from the other two...
  21. F

    Scan to email file names explanation

    I received a file scanned to email "Scan-to-Me 2017-11-10 181739.pdf" = the network printer from where the file was sent 2017-11-10 = the date 10 November 2017 181739 = ? - Does this indicate the time this was sent, i,.e. 18h17:39 (seventeen minutes and thirty nine...
  22. C

    how to repair a damaged pdf file

    Hello, a couple of weeks ago, I downloaded a PDF file from my tablet, and began to read,( I found it very interesting) but suddenly some days ago I tried to open it, and poped up a window with the following: "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be...
  23. B

    Will the format change when exporting to PDF?

    Hello Is PDF file universal for all versions and all PDF reader? I am going to export an EXCEL file to PDF, which only contains English letters and alphabet number 1,2,3,..... In other words, if a PDF file shows correctly here in my PC , will it show correctly too on another random PC with...
  24. K

    I have downloaded pdf files and Drive files waiting for upload. Will a factory reset delete these. My phone says airplane mode

    Data,wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode turning on and off at random. Want to know if factory reset will lose pdf files, images waiting to transfer to Google Drive
  25. viveknayyar007

    How to Turn Mobile Sites into PDFs on iOS11

    While surfing through the web on your iPhone, you may find an informative website that you think should be saved as a file to be read offline. The best way to get this done is by saving the webpage as a PDF document which is an easy task while using Safari, the built-in web browser in your...
  26. D

    Just can't convert a Word document into PDF

    Just can't convert a Word document into PDF using MS Office's 2007 version feature to save file as pdf. I know its not the file's fault or windows fault because i maintain them at the best. Can someone please tell me if somebody faced this issue and if so, how did you fix it?
  27. L

    Solved! PDF Print does not show save as box

    So basically what i do is, i have an excel document up and i press print and chose CutePDFWriter as the printer and after that a box usually comes up prompting me where i want to save the file. How do i get this box back that prompts it to save? Adobe acrobat is installed.
  28. S

    app to read

    Is their ang app which read the matter in pdf other wish i think it is a better app to be designed.
  29. W

    Looking for PDF filing software

    Hello I'm looking for software that will allow me to upload various PDFs in order to create a searchable database of information. Kind of like my own mini-library. Is there any such thing? Cheers
  30. B

    How to Convert .ptx file to .pdf

    I know ptx files are a native file extension for Avid Tools Pro. But I wanted to know if there is some free or free trial software that can convert this file type into a pdf or make it so it can be viewed in like a notepad or Microsoft word app?
  31. R

    DC incompatibilty with older versions of Adobe

    Others without DC cannot open my .pdf files I am using Office 16 and Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and other people (without DC) cannot open .pdf files that I generate or manipulate
  32. J

    PDF and Printing

    In pdf there is a change button but clicking on this did not allow me to manually add a printer. It did offer " cloud printers" but I do not want to do this as I am using someone else's printer.
  33. Zic

    What software should I get for a new PC

    Hi I was wondering What software should I get for a new PC and types of software here is a website that lists alot of things but I don't know what else I would need besides skype and is Sumatra PDF better than adobe reader and are there any in there you wouldn't recommend so here is the link...
  34. A

    A4 Landspace Image to PDF

    Good afternoon! I have a number of .jpg of A4 lanscape (two pages side by side) Is it possible to convert them into a pdf, "splitting" the image in two exact parts making two pages? Thanks!
  35. M

    Tab S sometimes won't download files

    Hi all, please help! My Samsung Tab S can download most things: app store works fine, some PDFs do download & work fine .... but other PDFs - even different files from the same source website - simply don't do anything. I can’t work out any difference why. Problem occurs not only with pdf...
  36. A

    add print to PDF in windows XP?

    i know in windows 7+ it comes build in the option to add a printer that is print to PDF but i need it for windows xp is there a way to add or install it on xp? thx in adv
  37. K

    Adobe Acrobat Professional Crash

    Recently I am encountering problems with PDF files which have been converted via 'Save as' in Ms Word. These files have been crashing when I have opened them in Adobe Acrobat Professional Version IX. Any ideas how do I solve this?
  38. A

    Deciding between 2 laptops

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum. My girlfriend wants a new laptop for work related purposes: reading pdfs, using office (excel and word mostly), occasionally SPSS, browsing the web, Netflix on the weekends and VERY LIGHT gaming (Age of Mythology and Titan Quest tops graphics...
  39. A

    Pdf. .doc reader

    I have a relatively new Alcatel 1 touch idol 3. I get documents in my email Like pdf. .doc snd others that i am unable to read I am new at this. Whst do i do to read these? Thank you
  40. M

    How I can speech my Hindi pdf

    Plz give me a link or name where can I play my hindi pdf in to speech ,help pls
  41. kaushik37

    Offline application software for PDF files edit

    I have always used PDF escape (online) to edit pdf files. But I am afraid that I would not be able to edit if the internet connection goes out. Thus, I am trying to find out the suggestions from the experts here about the offline applications like it, if they're any available. I have heard about...
  42. N

    Editable PDF Problem

    I have 2 different computers that are used to run an insurance company. We use a lot of editable PDF's. Recently something changed on BOTH computers that has caused a very strange problem with editable PDF's. I can type letters into fields with no problem. I can type into fields with the number...
  43. B

    PDF copy protected??

    hi, what is PDF copy protected?? Does it mean anyone else cannot select and copy and paste? Yes, I know all OUTPUT can be copied, or regenerated.. I only want to add difficulties. How to do that? How to add password and/or copy-protected to PDF file? Is it usually done free or paid?
  44. M

    Free PDF converter for my work (that's behind a paywall)

    Hey all, I'm trying to make PDF clips of my journalistic stories for a job application. Problem is, the free html to pdf converters don't seem to be able to create them since the articles are behind a paywall. This seems to be the case even after I login to the site from the same browser...
  45. wanamingo

    Adobe acrobat PDF generated in the United states displaying incorrect characters for foreign customers.

    The company I work for has to send documents to a few customers overseas in PDF format. We have never had an issue before with how we do this. Recently one of our customers in UAE has been telling us that the documents we send dont always display correctly. Numbers may swap to characters or...
  46. T

    Stymied: Cannot print PDF file in Chrome (Version 49.0.2623.112) w/o saving first.

    I've searched around the net. Some people had "Print to File" checked on their Print dialogue, but my Print dialogue is defaulted to one of my 2 printers (ink jet or B&W laser). It's very frustrating to have to save a file before printing it. Please help.
  47. M

    convert to jpg how do I do tht

    I cant open my pdf file that I created from another web site resume site what do I do How do I convert it to a jpeg?
  48. P

    cryptolocker? .RAD files

    Hi, all my jpg mp3 pdf doc etc. files have an .RAD extension (file_name.pdf.RAD). I formated my pc but nothing changed. I forgot to try out the system recovery. How can i decrypt the files?
  49. M

    Associated File Types Changing Automatically

    Good morning, We have 9 computers in our Engineering Department. I have Adobe Reader DC installed on them all for viewing pdf's. I also have Adobe Acrobat installed on each machine for editing. We have 2 seats of Acrobat, so we can use it when needed. I went in Default Programs>Associate...
  50. N

    Software Suggestions-counting texts in PDF File

    Hi guys, So recently i converted all my text messages on my iPhone to a PDF file. The document is over 5000 pages long. I've been looking for ways to see how many individual texts there are in the document. I'll upload a screenshot so you guys can have a rough idea what it looks like. Is there...
  51. N

    not able to set nitro pro 10 as my default pdf viewer

    every time iselect this nitro pro 10 as my default pdf viewer and everytime it is asking for the same.
  52. W

    VCE file convert to PDF

    help me i need to convert vce files to pdf
  53. M

    Turning a flash document into a PDF?

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, so if anyone knows another forum site better tuned to this question please let me know. I got access to this full textbook online through some student site called Webassign. I essentially had to buy a term subscription for the class. Thing is...
  54. tojonegi

    Compress an already compressed pdf file?

    Hello everyone :) I just finished making my portfolio. And it has about 36 pages, so 36 different psd files. I went on to export them all as JPGs at level 6 medium quality. (the cumulative size of all pictures were about 45 mb. Then I used Photoshop again, to compile those pictures in a PDF...
  55. CrimsonLuke

    Opening links to other files in a pdf on Android?

    Is there an app or any way to open a linked directory via pdf to another folder? Basically, I make packages of files and at the center of this is a PDF that contains links to the other files located in the package. I can complete the task on a PC using regular Adobe Reader but cannot achieve...
  56. giantbucket

    is this site (see inside) safe for downloading OLD versions of apps like PDF readers, browsers, etc?

    so i came across http://www.oldapps.com/ () and it looks like they have old versions of apps for Win2000 and Win98SE that i can't find directly from the legit place (like adobe, foxit, etc) are they safe? anyone used them? is there a way to verify?
  57. S

    I use to be able to print my pdf file with my printer. Now they go to prn save files. What has changed and how do I fix it. No

    my pdf files all of a sudden go to prn save files. Why?
  58. S

    Software for importing Pdf data into Excel

    I'm trying to improve our inspection checklist at work to remove a lot of menial tasks. The files we need to have are a digital form that acts as a record of inspection, and a compiled list of those violations. I've tried using the adobe tools but the software is new to me and not as powerful at...
  59. Y

    The file is damaged and could not be repaired.

    Intermittently when we open a pdf in the browser in one of our main Enterprise applications, we get the error "The file is damaged and could not be repaired." Downloading and opening always works (however for our system this is a less than acceptable workaround). The only common denominator...
  60. JeckeL

    Required to "sign" certain PDF files?

    We've got a few PDF files/forms from insurance co.'s, government agencies, etc, that have text boxes for filling in data and then sending the file back. Certain ones will let you fill in all the text boxes but then require you to "sign" the document before you can do anything with it. It seems...