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  1. ahthurungnone

    How can I import actual Signatures into Pdf files?

    We handle pdf documents where we must place an authorized signature. How can we import and place an actual signature so we don't have to print, sign, and scan? Thanks.
  2. S

    What is the operating system in nokia c203 mobile

    how to open pdf file and dictionary in nokia c203 mobile?
  3. E

    Convert PDF file to docx

    Hello, how do I convert PDF files to Docx? Is there a freeware program for this task?
  4. A

    Pcl xl error subsystem kernel error illegal tag operator PassThrough Possion

    Experienced when printing some PDF files, message is printed on the printer PCL XL error Subsystem: kernel Error: illegal operator sequence Operator: setpagescale position: 3
  5. N

    Printing pdf - pc vs. mac

    Hello Tom. I have tried to print a pdf from my new pc (windows 7, Adobe reader 9) but the colors are off when i compare to the print from my mac, even though it is the same pdf and same printer. Why is that? Or how can I adjust my new computer? Thanx - Nynne
  6. I

    Word or Office files to PDF converter

    Hi guys, I am working as an IT administrator, in my company some of my colleaugues need PDF Converter, I want to know can we convert Word or Office files to PDF and vice versa from one software, if we can then which one is the cheap and best in the market and in how many computers I can...
  7. S

    Search multiple PDFs

    I have a library of 500+ research articles in PDF (about 700-800 MB of my HD). They are all searchable PDFs (I have OCRed the ones which were scanned pages with noi text). The articles are of different sizes, but about 50 pages each. I've put these PDFs all together in one folder and now I am...
  8. M

    Windows 7 64 bit FORUM

    I have a windows 7 64test bit professional os. I installed adobe reader X. I need to test asp.net apps with various settings of adobe reader. Checking and unchecking of "display pdf browser"(under edit->preference->internet) is not working consistently. Steps to reproduce the issued 1...
  9. exfileme

    User's Facebook Data Request Produces 1222 Pg PDF on CD

    Facebook apparently collects more data about yourself and your activities than you may realize. User's Facebook Data Request Produces 1222 Pg PDF on CD : Read more
  10. technops1

    Software that could convert word to pdf

    I am looking for some software that could convert word document to pdf format... for free if possible, please recommend freeware first since i don't use it often and don't want to pay big if there is free ones that could do the job. if trial, please state limiation in the trial. THXS
  11. L

    site:tomshardware com toshiba laptop repair manuals pdf

    How to open a toshiba laptop and change the cooling fan?
  12. ulillillia

    Good free programs to convert DOC to PDF?

    I'm looking for a program that's purely freeware (no trials allowed) that converts a DOC file to PDF. CutePDF and other printer-based ones glitch as they won't set the paper size to 6 by 9 inches, only 8.5x11. Word is indicating that the margins are outside the printable area (of which is...
  13. C

    Schematics Soundcraft "Venue II"

    hi guys anyone have or have access to a schematics set for this console? can usually manage without schematics most of the time but nicer to have would appreciate a PDF of some of you have it
  14. L

    Opening pdf's locksup computer

    Hello, when opening a pdf attachment from outlook 2003 the computer locks up. we are using reader 10 fully updated. thanks
  15. P

    How to enable pdf files to copy and paste

    I have some Bible Studies I need to put in answers to the questions asked each week. I assure you can read the typed better than my chicken scratch. Thanks Neal
  16. E

    Pdf program that works with windows

    hello, my company has a pdf that i have to fill in and resave as a pdf. i had a free program on my old laptop and can't find it now.. any ideas of something that i can use that's free that i would be able to download that would be able to work?
  17. R

    Remove PDF files with specific 2 pages

    Hi Request your help. I have a folder with 100s of pdf files, some of the files have two pages only. I need to find them and move them to different folder. Pls help with a macro or a batch file. Thank you Rajesh
  18. exfileme

    Apple Warns iOS Users Not to Download PDFs

    The PDF vulnerability apparently still lingers in iOS. Apple Warns iOS Users Not to Download PDFs : Read more
  19. E

    Question about converting pdf to word document

    Does anybody know of any free software that can convert PDF files to Word documents. I have a job application that is in PDF and I would like to edit. Please help if you can. Thanks! :)
  20. E

    How to convert PDF files to ePub on my iPad

    Hello! I would like to convert a PDF file to ePub format for reading it on an iPad. Is there an online/desktop tool that will allow me to do that? Thanks. Update: I find a good solution to work out the column of PDF Converter, which includes the article of how to convert PDF to ePub.
  21. K

    Tool for working with pdf , merging and so on

    hi guys Im looking for tool (freeware and without installing ) where can I handle with such procures like merging, reading & disagregating for windows ? anybody has a Tip ? thanks
  22. thosecars82

    Recover pdf files that are corrupt

    Hello Do you know any software (freeware if possible, otherwise, it is ok), that could let me repair pdf files? I just tried <a href="https://www.pdf-tools.com/osa/repair.aspx" target="_blank">https://www.pdf-tools.com/osa/repai...</a> and it works pretty well. However I tried with Advanced pdf...
  23. S

    How to highlight more than one word (search results) in pdf file

    My question is: How can i highlight more than one word (search results for a specific item in the text) in a pdf file? Thank u for your help.
  24. exfileme

    Google Releases Chrome 8

    The latest version of Chrome adds an in-browser PDF reader, support for Google's upcoming Chrome Web Store and more. Google Releases Chrome 8 : Read more
  25. M

    What should i buy?

    hi everybody.i want to read PDf for hours.i have 2 options .first PDF reader and second tablet PC .i want to know:1-which one is better? 2-if i plan for a pc tablet what brand? 3-does tablet pc screens tire the eyes?
  26. T

    PDF Readers

    What's your favourite PDF Reader?
  27. J

    How to enable pdf files to copy and paste

    Hello, how can I enable pdf files to copy and paste
  28. natesgotgrapes

    Adobe reader issue

    All right, so when i open a .pdf file on my machine it opens the file. When i try to move around on the page any direction, it freezes. Any solutions or reasons why adobe is freezing up so much?
  29. Mr Davo

    FoxIt reader is ignoring XP printer defaults

    Hi Everyone, I am using FoxIt Reader ( a free PDF reader, similar to Adobe Reader. Although the program is quite good at opening PDFs it is ignoring printer defaults. I have Windows XP set to print in Black & White (through Start --> Printers & Faxes) and every time that I print a...
  30. G

    Foxit PDF reader?

    Anyone have input on using Foxit PDF reader? I have just setup a new PC with Windows 7 and am in need of a PDF reader. I know I could use Acrobat. But am just wondering about the other alternatives out there. Thanks!
  31. O

    C. please help

    1. Open the file w.pdf to read. You are to write a series of statements that computes the number of bytes in w.pdf and in a printf statement output the number of bytes in the file w.pdf. 2. Open a file new.pdf to write. You need to read each character from w.pdf and write to new.pdf 3. Declare...
  32. K


    From where I can get free silverlight pdf
  33. F

    Windows xp crashes when saving as pdf

    whenever I try to save a word 2007 file as pdf, word crashes. The word file has regular Times font and a unicode font named Doulos SIL. how can I save this work as pdf?
  34. R

    Free gateway t-6345u user manual pdf download?

    Anyone know where I can download a free copy of this user manual?
  35. JMcEntegart

    Palm Sued Over PDF Viewer in the Pre

    Palm is facing a copyright lawsuit because of the PDF viewer on the company's first WebOS device, the Palm Pre. Palm Sued Over PDF Viewer in the Pre : Read more
  36. D

    Cannot open PDF while in China

    My employer travel from the U.S. to China (his home country). He cannot open PDF when he is in china, but has no trouble while in the U.S.
  37. T

    Foxit Reader Comment Tools not working

    I just installed Foxit Reader and I saved my reading for class to my desktop as a PDF. I am trying to use Foxit reader's highlight tools but it wont work. I can do other things (like make comments and boxes, but no underline, strikeouts, or highlights). Any help would be great. thanks
  38. M

    How can I convert a encrypted file to MS Word?

    Create a PDF file from Microsoft Word with SaveasPDF. Now I find that there are some typos in the PDF files. The problem is, I cannot find my original Office Word file now so I cannot edit it. The PDF file is a sales report, it is very important. Does anyone have some recommended software...
  39. T

    Convert pdf files to pbf files

    does anyone know how or what to use to convert a pdf file (ebook) to a pbf file so I can view it on my phone?
  40. K

    How to convert powerpoint to pdf for free

    We may need to convert Powerpoint to PDF format in our office sometimes. What do you think is the best way to convert? Of course you can convert your Powerpoint to PDF online. But don’t think it is time-consuming and may results failure especially when you have a comparative large file...
  41. exfileme

    F-Secure Says Stop Using Acrobat Reader

    F-Secure is claiming that Adobe's default PDF reader is insecure, and advises Internet users to use alternate programs. F-Secure Says Stop Using Acrobat Reader : Read more
  42. C

    Export excel rows to separate .pdf files

    I have a spreadsheet in excel full of information on water samples. Each different water sample is on a different row. I need to make a template so I can export each row in the excel spreadsheet to separate .pdf's or documents, or anything that can have a template. I have the microsoft office...
  43. G

    Adobe Acrobat 9: PDF Gets Movie Support, Goes SaaS

    San Jose (CA) - Adobe today released a new version of its document management software Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat 9: PDF Gets Movie Support, Goes SaaS : Read more
  44. G

    Microsoft To Add PDF, ODF Support To Office 2007

    Redmond (WA) - Microsoft announced that it will extend the file format range supported by its Office 2007 package. Microsoft To Add PDF, ODF Support To Office 2007 : Read more
  45. G

    Tom's Guide to Online PDF File Creation

    You don’t have to rely on desktop tools to convert PDF files anymore. Tom's Guide to Online PDF File Creation : Read more
  46. S

    Free PDF Creator?

    Hey all, I have no experience creating PDFs but would like to start in order to create more professional presentations of my work. Does anyone know of a good (free) PDF creator that I could work with. I really only need something to create PDFs out of text and pictures, probably in .txt and...
  47. Y

    how to convert pdf to word

    i have some pdf files that were written using latex. I would like to convert these to .doc. can any body suggest a free software. I tried searching google but the ones i found all suck. :x
  48. I

    How to print PDF file thats been password encrypted???

    I bought an 8 page PDF article online and determined that I cant print it or copy it because it is password encrypted. This seems unfair considering I paid money and am confined to just reading the article off my LCD flat panel. Any ideas how to print this pdf file? All ideas are helpful. Thanks.
  49. Titanion

    Anyone know how to crack a secure PDF file?

    I would sure like to figure out how to do this. <font color=red><b>NF7-S/MBarton 2500+ 210x11.5 1.82v SP-97 GB Corsair XMS PC3200 BBA 9800 Pro 423/369</font color=red><font color=black> NF7-S/MBarton 2600+ 210x11.5 1.76v 512MB CVR PC3200 Sapphire 9500@9700
  50. G

    Mitsubishi vs-50800 Manual

    Archived from groups: alt.tv.tech.hdtv (More info?) Does anyone have the owners manual (in PDF format) for the Mitsubishi vs-50800 Television? Their website doesn't have it anymore. Thanks
  51. G

    Rotate a pdf

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.handhelds,microsoft.public.handheldpc (More info?) Hello, I have an Asus handheld with a 240x320 resolution with Pocket Pc 2003. I have a pdf text, but to view a hole row inside the screen i have to make it so small that the characters get totally undistinguished...
  52. G

    McIntosh Manuals in PDF Format

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.high-end (More info?) I have a fairly large collection of McIntosh manuals available in PDF format and they can be found at http://www.marcs-garage.com/Files/McIntosh Help yourself and enjoy!
  53. G

    Setting distinct ring tones for Sanyo RL-7300?

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.sprintpcs (More info?) I'd like to set unique ring tones for various phone numbers in my Sanyo RL-7300 however the documentation appears to be wrong. Using documentation on page 91 (page 102 of the PDF) of...
  54. T

    pdf edit ?

    Does anybody knows how to edit a pdf document, because acrobat reader only views it? Maybe you know a location for that software too ? THANX ! God made Arrakis to prepare the faithfull ones...