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  1. M

    Is this a virus or just a huge PDF

    If you google "campbell biology 9th edition pdf" then the second link will be a google doc with it. It seems sketchy but I still downloaded it. How can I tell if it is a virus or not. its 193.1 MB its named campbell biology 9th Edition.pdf. How can I figure out if this is a virus. The PDF opens...
  2. C

    Cant download pdf from website..

    Hey.. I just wanted to know if there is a way to save the pdf in the website https://www.aiimsalltheway.com/. These are medical notes that cannot be downloaded but can only be browsed once you register. ( https://www.aiimsalltheway.com/notes ) Any help will be great. Thanks.. [ Re WyomingKnott...
  3. C

    Can browse pdf online but cannot save pdf from website

    Hey.. I just wanted to know if there is a way to save the pdf in the website https://www.aiimsalltheway.com/. These are medical notes that cannot be downloaded but can only be browsed once you register. ( https://www.aiimsalltheway.com/notes ) Any help will be great. Thanks..
  4. J

    Download and save a PDF to my micro SD

    When I download a PDF on my Samsung Tab S, I can't figure out how to save it onto my SD.
  5. R

    File is damaged or cannot be repaired

    I have Adobe Reader on my Vista OS. When I try to open a PDF file, I either get a message that states I must exit Adobe and when I click "OK," the file opens. However, on occasion, I'll get the following error message in which I cannot open the file and a blank Adobe window opens: "file is...
  6. C

    Opening PDFs from IE11 extremely slow

    I handle IT support for a small attorney's office and one of the clerks is having an issue that I can't seem to figure out. They have to use IE to access the state court website. They frequently print off documents from the court site for clients, and when they try to download PDF document from...
  7. S

    Chromebook: School books, PDF viewing/editing question.

    I'm in nursing school. Tired of carrying books around, my school has the "buy the book in PDF" option available. I'd love to have four 10lb books in my computer as a PDF then on my back... Problem: I was thinking the most affordable option would be a chromebook (seeing as I have a gaming...
  8. S

    ".rhuphem" extension. Am i infected?

    My files in Windows OS automatically got turned into ".rhuphem" extension. For example, if my file name is "sk.pdf", it is automatically turned into "sk.pdf.rhuphem". I can't open the files now. Does anybody know the solution. Thanks in advance.
  9. P

    PDF printed as a blank page

    I have created a PDF from a CAD drawing but when I try to print it, it prints as a blank page
  10. F

    Is there a set of PDF files I can download with Autodesk Inventor model instructions in it?

    At my school I'm ahead in my class and finished all of the creations that were meant to last much longer. Is there a place to download a folder full of autodesk model and assembly instruction? I don't want them to be pre built configurations, just like a pdf or set of images with instructed models.
  11. zack1986

    PDFs Lags on Samsung Note 3

    Hi I have a PDF magazine (Digital Download 37mb) which im reading on the Samsung Note 3. It lags quite a bit when zooming in or out when reading it. Im off on holiday and id rather pay for the digital versions for the Note 3 to read PDFs rather then buy paper versions. I cant tell what...
  12. L

    Corrupted PDF files in Adobe Reader

    Good day all, The error message I get in Adobe Reader: "Illegal operation 'TJ' outside text object." Then the contents show up as blank. The item in quotes changes but the message is the same. Has anyone else seen this problem or reported it? Is there a fix out for it? many thanks...
  13. S

    Convert PDF files to JPG files

    I want to convert around 4000 of my PDF files to JPG files. I have used several free software, but the problem is if I do 10 files at a time, I get one page. I don't need one page, but I need 10 JPG files. I did this in a batch conversion and it still outputs one page. I cringe at the thought...
  14. E

    about download zipfree.com

    Does it open PDF files OK? Is it safe from malware?
  15. M

    Delete pdf files on Acrobat.com

    When I create a pdf file using my Adobe account it is stored on the Acrobat.com site & I cannot find a way of deleting it from there once it's of no use to me.
  16. Mr Davo

    Printing to PDF in Black & White?

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for the ability to print to PDF (file) in Black & White - even when the original document that I am printing / saving is actually in colour. I have installed Bullzip PDF Printer; however there doesn't appear to be any setting for printing to file in Black & White. If...
  17. T

    PDF Files Can't Be Opened

    I'm experiencing an extremely weird problem (to me). I donwload pdf files from my school's website and I can't open any of them. It will show a small box saying the file is corrupted or the version is not compatible or something. The weird things start now. 1. I can open any file that I...
  18. M

    Convert PDF to Word

    I need to do some work and need to convert some scan documents to word. Witch is the best one (for free) Thank you for your help:wahoo: and Happy New Year
  19. B

    Open Source PDF reader that can highlight text??

    I have Adobe Reader on a couple of Windows 8.x computers. Just in case, as a “backup”, I'd like to install a free, open source, PDF reader that can highlight text. Adobe Reader works well and highlights text. SumatraPDF works well, but does not highlight text. LibreOffice Draw cannot...
  20. H

    corrupted pdf documents

    Hallo, I have a pdf file, which I’ve downloaded from inet, when I try to open it up it gives me an error that the file is corrupted and could not be repaired. Can you suggest any method or free software that could repair it. Regards.
  21. johnbil

    JPG/Image to PDF software

    I'm presently using printer driver type software to convert files to PDF's, but I'm not too happy with the results. Can anyone recommend a program (preferrably freeware) that coverts JPG's to PDF files? Hopefully one that has quality/compression control. Thanks in advance. [using Windows 7]
  22. D

    After installing windows

    I lost my pdf file in win8.1 i download pdf file then in my computer have a problems then I install win 8.1 in computer after this I chek my computer I saw there was a no pdf file kindly help me for this
  23. T

    tablet pdf reading

    I would like to buy a tablet for studiing.Reading Pdf etc.I don t want to spend much money only 100-150 dollar.In my country Hungary it s around 20 000-30 000HUF.Can you help me what should i buy?
  24. S

    Batch file to add underscore in file Name

    I have a pdf name 019078951000080.pdf I want to rename it as 01_907_895_1_000080.pdf by using a batch program. There are multiple pdf I need to perform the same action. Please suggest me the batch program for it.
  25. brisa117

    MS Word Flipping Images Automatically?

    ******Work around solution below problem****** So I'm using word to take a series of pictures of my text book and convert them to a PDF so I can read them on my iPad later (keeps me from toting around 5 different 15lb law books). Lately, however, word has decided that it wants my pictures...
  26. A

    Some Images in .PDF format show as odd black boxes in Adobe Reader

    First, I don't know if this has anything to do with this issue, but ALL of my pdf files, every single one, has a curious light blue background instead of a white one. Something I find odd and may be connected but I have no clue. Anyway, to the meat of the issue: I have several pdf files where...
  27. D

    Other people cannot open my PDF files but I can.

    I am currently using Microsoft Word 2010 to create my PDF files. It opens perfectly fine for me with Adobe Reader XI, but when other people from different computers tries to read it, they said all it does is show that their Adobe is loading to the point that the document will not even open. Can...
  28. J

    Cannot Open PDF in IE

    I cannot open a PDF in IE from an encrypted web site. I can save an open the document but I cannot open it directly in IE. Other PDF's open fine from non-encrypted web pages. How can I fix this? Jeff
  29. B

    My PDF files print weird text. Are there any ideas on how to fix this?

    I have the latest drivers for all of my printers. My adobe applications have all of the latest updates. When I attempt to print out a PDF file my texts are showing up as weird looking Greek or Hieroglyphics. I have tried to print as image and it still happens. Any thoughts or ideas that may...
  30. N

    best student tablet under 200 €

    Hi, I'm looking for a tablet mostly to surf the internet and read PDF files. For me the most important caracteristics are long battery duration and good screen resolution and luminosity. Can you give me some suggestions?
  31. P

    PDF converter to PPTX or PDF (powerpoint)

    Hello, Can anyone tell me which software are the best for converting PDF to powerpoint.. I would like the software to be free and (no adware, viruses, or such thing) as possible.. Thank you.. I have been researching to find software that can do the conversion. i can't find any good and don't...
  32. M

    ZIP file recovery

    I used a zip recovery tool called ZIP Recovery Toolbox found at http://www.oemailrecovery.com/zip_recovery.html that recovers my files well but it doesn't repair the ZIP file itself. Can anyone familiar with the software show me how to do this?
  33. Y

    How to Digitally Sign Documents

    How to digitally sign documents (without having to print, scan or fax) Follow these steps and return to sender – signed, sealed, delivered – and all from your laptop or mobile device. 1. Start with a PDF A document that needs signing should be sent as a PDF file – it guarantees its contents...
  34. G

    DOC and PDF callback \ honeydocs

    hey guys, i'm looking for ways to make documents make internet requests, even a simple GET such as www.honeydocs.com? I'm looking for either commercial solutions or technical information i could deal with by myself..
  35. B

    ACDSee and PDF viewing

    Not all PDFs ACDSee (Pro6) see in the previews, see here http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/844/4gxn.jpg What will it be? About different quality of pdf creator, or versions? When you click on the preview icon ACDSee freezes and crashes. Any advice? thanks Peter
  36. dannyboy2233

    Requesting PDF Creator which exports to Word

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of doing a lot of research, and a majority of the articles that I come across are in PDF-for mat. I had the trial version of Nitro PDF (which came with my new laptop) and I had been using that to convert to Word documents in order to copy-paste the evidence. In PDF...
  37. D

    laptop dvd drive service manual

    hai i need laptop dvd drive service manual please send me pdf file or link
  38. Mr Davo

    Looking for ePub printers (similar to Bullzip but for ePubs, not PDFs)!

    Hi Everyone, I am wondering if anybody has heard of an ePub printer? Basically I am looking for software similar to Bullzip PDF Printer, with the exception that I want to print directly to ePub (or MOBI) rather than PDF! If anybody knows of such a program can they please let me know? Kind...
  39. M

    Save AND Open downloaded files with Firefox 23.0.1

    Hello everyone, I'm going to give an example with .pdf files. I want to be able to download a .pdf file and firefox to automatically save the document to a definitive folder (not temp files) and open the document with foxit reader. I can make firefox open OR save the document like I want...
  40. V

    pdf fails to connect to the links in main Pdf

    I have some low resolution files as links in one main pdf( all pdfs stored in a folder). But when I click on the link nothing happens.However if I try to open the low res pdfs from folder they all work fine. What could be the possible solution to open these low res files from the pdf
  41. J

    Strange icons appearing in Word after download.

    Hi, When i download PDF/Word documents from sites I get really strange signs onto it (shown below) http://puu.sh/4malw.png http://puu.sh/4mand.png Is there anyway to fix this? it's really annoying. I use Wordpad/Word 07/Adobe reader. I use Window 7 64 bit.
  42. H

    Making a PDF writable for free

    Hello, I have this PDF, if it means anything, I can highlight the text, and when I click in some places, the blinking line shows up thus granting the illusion it can be typed on, but it cannot. How can I either cleanly paste this into word, or make the PDF writable without destroying it, for...
  43. dostbhaskar

    SDcard data missing after intlling apps in th card

    I have tab (no sim) with ICS.I inserted SD card (with some pdf files) into it and accessedthe card. After that installed app2sd.With this app I installed "talking tomcat" into the SD card. After that i can not acces those pdf files in the card. Both android and win7 cannot find those pdf files...
  44. Z

    Automatically extract data from PDF and export to Excel or SQL

    This is a tall order, the policy statements for the company I work for are received in PDF format. I am looking for a way to extract specific blocks of data ( in the form of tables but they poorly structured ) from within a PDF and export them to a excel spreadsheet or sql. Are there any...
  45. K

    Cannot open a PDF on IE

    I cannot open a PDF document on internet explorer, the settings in adobe reader are set properly and when i go into internet options then programs, the adobe extension is also set to view PDF documents.Ive also restored and reset internet settings. I cant think of anything else. The error...
  46. I

    Workhorse , value for money, laptop for xl, word, ppt, browsing, mail, PDF , NO gaming

    Hi I'm looking for a basic,workhorse laptop
  47. L

    Android: PDF opens in contrasting orientation

    Hello everyone, Recently just acquired a android device (the nexus 7) and I am having a problem to read PDFs. Basically these pdfs will open up in landscape mode while I am holding my Nexus in portrait mode. When I try to correct this by flipping to landscape mode, the PDF will rotate to...
  48. G

    13 Free Tools for Viewing and Editing PDFs

    Create, annotate, edit your PDF documents with these free PDF tools! 13 Free Tools for Viewing and Editing PDFs : Read more
  49. T

    How to sign a PDF without signing it?

    So often we are asked by companies to sign a form and mail or fax it back to them. And there are many programs that allow you to fill in PDF's even when they try to lock them. But that signature is a problem. Hard to sign with a mouse! But what about scanning your signature and copying and...
  50. L

    No sound from pdf file

    Hello, I have pdf files with pictures AND sound made with photoshop album in 1998. Sound and pictures played together on adobe reder up to ver 8. Now with ver9 and ver10 I can only see the photos but NO sound. What do I need to do. This is not a windows problem as windows7 plays the files...
  51. S

    PDF generated by web form

    Hi people! I need to set up an HTML web form to generate a .pdf using submitted text and a .jpg image. Most of the .pdf content will be standard and already there, so the user is just adding an image and some text. My first thoughts were wkhtml2pdf and maybe Imagemagick if the submitted image...
  52. B

    Ipad 4 vs ipad 3 pdf rendering performance

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience using both the ipad 3 and 4 on pdf reading apps like iAnnotate or goodreader? Coz I noticed that the 3 was a bit slower than the 2 in rendering pages, and I read that it was because of the screen resolution which was more demanding on...
  53. R

    " Acrobat failed to connect to a DDE server" :'(

    Hello, i have a problem and really need your advice..hix...i installed an PDF application ( PDF password remove Tool), then, nothing can be opened by Acrobat reader and a notice like this appeared "Acrobat falied to connect to a DDE server". what should i do right now, pro? I have a lot of PDF...
  54. K

    Pm convert to pdf software free download

    Convert *.pm files to *.pdf file.
  55. M

    Lost pdf files

    Hello, pdf files have completly disappeared off of my desktop and computer
  56. G

    16 Tips for the Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

    You can try out Office 2013 for free during the Customer Preview. There are more than 15 good reasons why you’ll want to but here are our favorites, like the way you can open PDF files – and edit them. Not only does the PDF conversion do a mostly excellen 16 Tips for the Microsoft Office 2013...
  57. R

    How to assembling a laptop

    Hello, Dear Sir, Please Provide the assembling laptop PDF User guide
  58. H

    How to edit text in a .pdf file

    please help me on how to edit text on .pdf file. thanks!
  59. R

    How to enable pdf files

    the icons for sticky note, highlight text tool, etc. are mark as asterisk: *Only available when document rights are enabled. How to enable this document? thank you.
  60. ahthurungnone

    How can I import actual Signatures into Pdf files?

    We handle pdf documents where we must place an authorized signature. How can we import and place an actual signature so we don't have to print, sign, and scan? Thanks.