Question how to stop exposure changes like this in video capture iphone xs?

Dec 10, 2018

So im doing video recordings of myself playing the piano with the iPhone Xs. Love the overall image quality. I tap to focus, then drag down to exposure it a little darker to my test, then I hit record which is supposed to keep it at that exposure (am I wrong because it seems so, after I press record it doesn’t go back to bright). Anyway, I sit at the piano, record, come back to watch footage and over the course of a few minutes of record you see that on the right, the white balanced changed and image is hella bright compared to what I wanted in the beginning. Is there anyway to avoid this? Any tips?

Now I know there is “AF/AE Lock” when u press and hold on the screen and then adjust, but it looks different, I can make a comparison of that too. When using the actual Lock feature it looks worse and exposes simply darker across the board while my usual tapping, adjusting, then hitting record looks a lot better even when dark with a lot more contrast. While “AF/AE Lock” looks bad and looks simply like I turned the brightness down on my phone, not actual exposure. Any help?


Have someone else focus on you while you are sitting there or wear a shirt that same color as the background in the photo you are first focusing on. You setup the camera, it sees the floor. You sit, it sees the dark sweater, adjusts the camera to that sweater, causing brightness in the background.

Pretty much the same effect that you see when the fake moon landing and flat earther dopes try to point out in pictures when they say there are no stars.
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