Question phone screen is partly dimmed due to the screen slightly detaching from the phone, have to press it in place. any help?


May 1, 2012
ok, weird problem to describe but here i go.
a few weeks ago (probably after a drop) my HTC u12+ screen started having this issue, where basically the bottom right corner slightly detaches from the phone itself, which causes the LCD to be dimmed in that corner, and it gradients to the rest of the screen. (top left is fine). it looks like a half dead fluorescent light if you know what i'm talking about.
anyway, the screen is fine. it's not broken or anything, and when i press on it it gets contact with the rest of the phone and goes back to looking normal, but i have to keep maintaining pressure for it to be like that.
does anybody know how to fix this? i don't want to pay for a repairmen because i've spent enough on repairing this phone already (but that's a different story) and i don't want to buy a new one because it still works fine.

this is a link to some photos. the one with my finger is how the creen looks when i apply pressure, without it you can see the right corner significantly darker (especially near the little square)

thanks for any help guys!


You can simply try to glue the part that comes apart, but that is by no means a great way to fix it. Without actually looking over the phone and seeing what the issue is no way to really know what a "good" fix would be. You may need to take it apart and put it back together if nothing is broken to hold it together like a clip.
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