Question How to stop win7 from ejecting external hdd

Mar 25, 2020
Lenovo thinkpad w530.

I replaced the dvd with a HDD.

Win7 keeps kicking it out after time, or coming back from logoff or screen save. I went through all the usual settings to prevent this. Most of the time, I just get a popup saying it could not eject because it is in use. This is because I try to leave an explorer window open at all times pointing to that drive, so i don't have to keep pulling out the drive and reinserting it to make it see it again.

when rebooting, or restarting, the drive is recognized immediately, just seems to happen when not in use.

Thanks for looking into this for me.
Mar 25, 2020
OK, went to dvice manager, and even down to the usb ports, and turned all those off as well, the system will still kick out the hdd (in the dvd slot)

Anyone have any other suggestions? thanks!!
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