How to use old 5.1 surround speakers


Aug 17, 2016
Hello guys
I have a old Sony Dav sb200 home theatre system because of the limitations of the DVD player how can I use different content such as Xbox 360 or PC and stream to those old speakers to get surround sound experience is there any way I can use or have to buy new one surround system
thank you..
There are two ways you can use the Sony.
1. Connect all your sources to the TV via HDMI. Connect the TV analog audio or headphone out to the Sony. If your TV only has digital audio out you will need a DAC like this one
2. Connect all you sources to an HDMI input selector that has audio extraction like this one
and connect the analog audio out of the switcher to the Sony. Connect the HDMI out of the switcher to the TV.
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