How will my new laptop compare to a PS4?


Jul 24, 2016
I know basically nothing about computers, and even after searching through countless threads, seeing similar questions, I find myself lacking a true comparison.

Processor - Intel 6th Gen Core i7 @2.6 gHZ
RAM - 16 GB
GPU - NVidia GeForce GTX 970M

I think from what I've seen, this is the most important information?

Also, no, a desktop is out of the question. I'm looking primarily at mobility. As fun as it would be to get a beast built, I have space concerns, and the need to bring my computer with me to college. It's just a bonus that I can play games on it in my free time.

edit - In case anyone needs more info though, it's an MSI Apache Pro 233. I know it's probably more expensive than I need, but I decided to splurge, since I have made this 300 dollar clunker I'm presently using last me six years, as I ride it into its final days.


Yeah, the laptop is definitely more powerful than a PS4. However, there are some things to consider...

#1 - Which platform has the majority of games you want to play?

#2 - Are there any upcoming exclusive games for the PC / PS4 that you want to play?

#3a - PCs and laptops continually evolve compared to the PS4 which is more or less static until the next generation comes out. However, the PS4 Neo will have better specs than a "normal" PS4. This means that games on the PC will continue tends to have higher system requirements because new tech is being released every 9 months - 12 months.

#3b - A PS4 game released in 2020 will run fine on a PS4 because it is still a PS4 game. A PC game released in 2020 can still be played on the gaming laptop, but you will likely not be able to max out graphics due to the hardware being 4 years old.

#4 - Are you looking for something portable that you can bring anywhere? With a PS4 you are more or less restricted to playing games at home. Unless you lug it around with you and can plug it into a HDTV.

#5 - A PS4 is cheaper than the gaming laptop. That savings just for the hardware can be used for games.


Jul 24, 2016

Well, thank you for the reply, this is what I was looking for.

1. Both do, I presently own a PS4, and adore it. I play a multitude of games on it, and my library is expansive. But there's a lot on the PC I can't play on PS4, and there's a community on PC that I am more inclined to play online with (for PS4, it's always singleplayer). I enjoy both, but until recently hadn't had the coin to get a real PC.

2. Yeah, but as covered above, I plan on playing both my PS4 and PC (I will likely play the PC when my girlfriend wants to watch TV).

3a. I have no interest in the Neo, however. It's only a moderate upgrade that I can't justify right now. I upgraded from a clunker of a non-gaming laptop that I've owned for six years to what I listed in the original post, so I could justify it, as it was a massive upgrade. I probably won't buy another console for a couple years, and it might be the NX for exclusives.

3b. Yeah, I'm not "as" concerned about the future paradox of gaming laptops. I think it should run things that I want that are out now, and it's unlikely that too many games will come out between now and 2020 that are just PC exclusive that I'll want to play. My goal, by 2020, is to have enough room and a degree from college, so that I can focus more on a desktop computer, rather than a laptop.

4. Yes, and this is why I am buying a gaming laptop. I need it for schoolwork as well.

5. Yeah, my concern with gaming PCs/etc is that for anything that looks mildly impressive, it's about 1000 dollars more than the cost of the PS4 itself. This is why I had always stuck to consoles. Cost has always been more of an obstacle until recently.



The reason there is no one to one comparison between computers and consoles is that each was made for different things. Sure you can play games on both, but one is made to be simple as buy a game, play game with limited modifications, other can involve fiddling with drivers, installing operating system, buying and finding out about different parts, but the reward of that is higher quality, much more choices and easy to modify games.

It's been the same question since the first consoles came out.


Well, since you have an need for the laptop, it is definitely worth while to purchase one.

The GTX 970m is pretty good and I believe in 4 years it should still be capable of playing many games at 1080p using medium graphic settings.
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