HP dv2000 display issue


Sep 13, 2011
I have a HP dv2000 laptop that had an issue with brightness. I ordered a replacement, installed it and it worked for a little bit then went dim again. I reseated the connection and it worked again for about a minute or so and back to dim. i then unplugged the lid switch, reseated the connection and powered it back up with it working. However now it will stay illuminated for about 5 minutes then it goes dim again. I can plug it into an external monitor and the monitor works fine, laptop will still dim after 5 minutes. I can also hit fn + f5 to put it to sleep and when I woke it back up it works for 5 minutes and cuts off. No discoloration on the screen. I don't see any fraying on cables, nor have i moved it during the time it works/quits working properly.


Aug 8, 2012
Seems like you have covered your bases, when I was in the PC repair business I noticed this issue quite a bit with the dv2000 and dv9000 models - the problem was typically rectified by replacing the inverter that powers the screen or replacing the screen itself.

If you haven't replaced the inverter yet, they are pretty cheap I believe, here is an example for around $15-$20: http://www.pchub.com/uph/model/43--6006-0-0/Pavilion-dv2000-Series-parts.html

If I run across a more practical solution I'll pass it on to you.

Hope that helps.
Hi :)

I own a laptop repair company...

To fix this you need to do this, in this order...

1, Replace Inverter with EXACT PART NUMBER replacement...

If that doesnt work...

2, Replace screen with EXACT PART NUMBER replacement ..(white sticker number on back of screen)

I emphasise ...a generic copy screen or inverter will NOT WORK...

All the best Brett :)


Dec 26, 2012

Brett, I have a dv2000 that only dims when on AC power! Is this likely an inverter issue as well? I own a computer service company as well, but am not as versed in laptop repair as you obviously are. Any suggestion you might have would be appreciated! I started a new thread on this issue here http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/86003-35-dv2000-troubleshooting if you would like more info on what the machine is doing.



Casey Blake

Apr 29, 2013
if the keyboard and mouse are not responsive and the display is dim it might be the lid switch. on the hp dv 2000 series the two pin connector under the f8 key and the metal shield will disable the lid switch. its a very easy test.