HP Envy 14 has been upgraded to Windows 8 but now won't display anything if the Laptop goes to sleep or standby. (Reboot Only)


Jun 4, 2014
I have a HP Envy 14 that one of our work technicians kindly upgraded to Win8 for me.

We did it, very spur of the moment because I had it in the office and I asked if the laptop could be upgraded and he just asked if I needed anything on the laptop that i didn't have backed up- which i didn't, and we stuck a USB Stick in and it rebooted and he had clean installed Windows 8.

The only trouble, which i've noticed since, is that one quick google search may have made us ebb on the side of caution, because it appears that the envy (what are the chances) is one of hte few laptops to not be happy on W8 something to do with the shared graphics?

Now, if the laptop sleeps, hibernates, or is set on standby, the display does not come on. The machine is clearly booting because you can hear it ticking over and "clicking" on, but ht edisplay does not come on. The only way to get it back up is to hold the power off until it's completely rebooted, and then switch it on again to resolve the problem. but obviously, this causes nightmares having to keep it on or lose everything i was working on if i leave it in the middle of something. So it's rendered the laptop useless.

The technician had a quick look for me but we're so busy at work i can't keep badgering him to solve this problem.

it's something to do with the switchable or shared graphics, but how can i solve/ change the settings to avoid the problem? I do not play games or need "graphics" on the laptop, just web browsing, email, and office applications.

Any help would be great.

The part number on bottom is hpk-hstnn-180c(b), it's HP Envy 14, 15.6 inch, i5 (the pretty design one on google)



Jul 18, 2006
I'm only responding because I hate to see your question ignored. But I can offer some general advice. These kind of brand/model-specific issues are often correctable by:

1. Going to HP's support site and getting the latest drivers

2. Upgrading to the latest BIOS, also from HP

s support site
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