Solved! Hp Envy powers, fan spins, no hdd activity, screen black, keyboard lights off

Dec 17, 2018
Hp Envy powers (power light on), fan spins, no hdd activity, screen black, keyboard lights off. What should I do to rectify this fault.



Then you will need to get a replacement yourself and see if that fixes it. Before that, you can try removing the CMOS battery and the main battery, hold in the power button for about 30 seconds, then plug in wall power only and see if it turns on. Also remove the RAM and hard drive, see if system starts at all then. If there are not even error beeps, that points to a dead motherboard.
Jan 29, 2019
Having same problem with HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n152na (ENERGY STAR): installed new drivers for Intel HD Graphics520 and Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265, using the drivers for the HP ProBook 470 G5 (UHD graphics 620 and Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265) and display and external monitors, and finally wi-fi, worked perfectly, right up until the point that Windows and HP surreptitiously automatically 'updated' the drivers and software (I had disabled all updates and even BLOCKED all relevant apps, etc, in my firewall settings, but obviously not comprehensively enough!) and now I have no display/s at all, as well as no wi-fi etc. Have tried 'blind' recovery, BIOS resetting, etc, but the problems have escalated - no keyboard, and now the hard drive doesn't appear to be responsive. I know that the display and wireless failures are due to the manufacturers negligent programming and faulty 'updates'. (I purchased the HP ProBook on 14 Dec 2018. It never worked. Trying to set it up, the logs showed that on the 08 Oct 2018, the 8265 Wireless adapter was not operational, due to a driver fault, and similarly with the Graphics. A product was sold in the knowledge that it was fatally flawed.) Though some similar issues could be due to "fried motherboards" etc, from personal experience and net research of issues (hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are asking for help with all the same problems, without any relevant help from the manufacturers - as they know their products don't work, probably!), the only valid conclusion is that DECADES of 'shit' (I believe this is the appropriate technical term) programming and coding is the cause. This would also explain these issues with Linux and MACs etc! Sorry I cannot be more help!
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