HP G70 Will not boot to BIOS?


Jan 18, 2013
Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster. I am having an issue that is similar to this post http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/72884-35-laptop-black-screen-help
The laptop turns on, the backlight lights but no display. I have tried hooking up an external monitor, as well as hooking it to my tv via hdmi with no luck. I assumed it was going to be a bad motherboard/video chip problem. So i ordered a motherboard, no dice. same exact issue. Being as it was used, i sent it back and got another one from a different person. This on included a new cpu/fan, installed it last night, still the same result.

In my troubleshooting i have tried:

Switching the ram
Reseating the RAM
Installing new RAM
Two Different Motherboards
A new CPU
With no cd rom drive
With no hard drive
With new hard drive
I have tried booting from ubuntu
I have tried with lcd screen not hooked up but with external monitor

I am out of ideas? Could BIOS be trashed? Is that even possible? Is there anyway to reload it with no display?

Please HELP!! I am at a wits end with this thing!

Thanks In Advance,

Donald Fleck