HP Omen 15 2017



Hi guys, i came across HP omen 15 2017 - 7700hq, 16gb ram, 1050Ti and 256gb SSD - great price, so where is the catch? Does anyone have experience? Thanks.
FWIW, if the laptop is the one that rgd1101 linked to, it looks like it has the exact same red backlit keyboard my HP Pavilion has. The only problem is the fact that the symbols on the keys are very hard to see with the backlight turned off.

Although they may have fixed that since the release of my Pavilion model.
Just a heads-up on something to check if it may be important to you. :D


Mar 12, 2017

First of all i would like to say that if you want it solely for gaming and other day to day work, i would be better to consider the i5 version. It has the same 1050ti 4gb GPU and there will be no performance drop in games compared to i7 version. Also it will give a better battery backup. If that version is not available or you don't want to, that's totally cool too. Another thing, i would highly recommend checking the laptop hands on at an HP retail store to check out the display for yourself. Even though it is full HD, it looks pretty washed out compared to it's competition when it comes to colour reproduction. The rest of it is a beast at it's price point. Do checkout the screen before buying.