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  1. Jph5674

    Solved! My HP omen laptop wont use dedicated graphics for internal display

    I have the HP Omen ce018dx. It will only use the integrated intel gpu and not the nvidia 1050. The nvidia gpu will only work on external displays. I've tried disabling the Intel graphics and restarted PC. Thinking this would force it to use nvidia but it didn't. Instead some generic...
  2. D

    Solved! Hp Omen17-x temp goes 90 and screen goes black

    Whenever i play high end game like GTA-V or Metro Exodus etc on charger plugged in for more than 5 minutes, screen goes black and everything freezes and i have to do shutdown it by pressing power button for long. while on battery mode it never happens. cpu temp on charging varies from 75-95C...
  3. X

    HP Omen 17 Underperforming overnight

    Link to Laptop Specs: I've owned my omen for under a year now and it's been performing excellently. Running everything from Assassins Creed Origins to Civ 6 pretty much flawlessly at high to ultra settings (60FPS+). I went to sleep day before...
  4. D

    Massive Frame Drop After Moving

    I went and visited my friend over the weekend and took my gaming laptop. No issues running modern titles at all. However when I got to his house and fired it up. I was experiencing gigantic frame drops I went from well into the hundreds to like 25fps. What was weird was the issue sorted itself...
  5. M

    gaming laptop low fps when unplugged

    i have a hp omen laptop with gtx 1060. when its not plugged in i have good fps but not as high when it's plugged in. from the power manager of windows i have set every on best performance. is there any solution ? thanks
  6. B

    HP Omen 15 2017 or Asus FX553VD

    Which would be a better choice? I live in India and both laptops are priced around 80k INR. The FX553 has an i7 7700HQ and GTX 1050 2GB HP Omen has i5 7300HQ and GTX 1050 2GB Omen has an IPS display while the Asus doesn't. Which would be a better choice? Thanks!
  7. G

    HP Omen 15 2017

    Hi guys, i came across HP omen 15 2017 - 7700hq, 16gb ram, 1050Ti and 256gb SSD - great price, so where is the catch? Does anyone have experience? Thanks.