HP Omen 17 Underperforming overnight

May 30, 2018
Link to Laptop Specs: https://support.hp.com/ee-en/document/c05407265

I've owned my omen for under a year now and it's been performing excellently. Running everything from Assassins Creed Origins to Civ 6 pretty much flawlessly at high to ultra settings (60FPS+). I went to sleep day before yesterday and woke up to find that i can't run anything at above 10FPS anymore. Fornite ran at a sub 20FPS and games like AC Origins ran at around 7-12FPS.

So i googled stuff and went through with a lot of fixes that people have tried online. I Already had the latest Nvidia driver so i tried rolling back my graphics driver (After uninstalling and clearing cache with DDU). That didn't do anything. I tried a multitude of other fixes but they did nothing too. Eventually i came across a post that recommended i update my bios. So i went to the HP site, got an update for my bios and installed it. Now this semi-fixed my problem. My framerate for AC Origins is back upto around 30FPS, but my laptop is still underperforming. Fornite is running at around 50-60FPS when it used to run at 110-120 (according to Geforce Experience's overlay). So updating the bios might have improved my performance a bit but it doesn't change the fact that my laptop is still underperforming. I know i'm running games on my GTX 1070, it shows 99-100% usage on task manager while i'm running most things.

My CPU isn't bottlenecking my GPU and my RAM usage is also fine. So i have no idea for why my laptop is underperforming right now. Help would be appreciated.

Also, i've installed no updates to anything the day before my laptop started underperforming.
check cpu and gpu temperatures
check SSD/HDD by its manufacturer´s tool
run memtest86.org booted from an usb flash drive (use the usb autoinstaller)

run 3dmark basic edition, click on compare result online and post the address from your browser

install the graphics drivers from HP

Is your laptop using the high performance gtx1070 or integrated Intel graphics?
May 30, 2018
Okay so i fixed it by changing the power outlet my laptop was connected to. Apparently it's a flaw with the wiring in my household, one of the power outlets is supplying a lot less than required. My laptops wires were pretty tangled around my desk (i use it more like a desktop PC than a laptop) and when i decided to untangle all the wires, i had to unplug it first. Once i finished untangling, I re-plugged it into the outlet adjacent to the one it was plugged onto before (accidentally) and now all my frame rates are back up. Thanks for the help guys, looks like i got lucky xD
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