HP Pavilion dv2000 works, but does not turn on


Nov 6, 2010
While reading the post you may think that I simply have a power button issue, but the problem is different and pretty strange.

A couple of months ago I have noticed that the power button does work at my laptop any time I press it. With the lapse of time I had to press it more and more to get an effect. Finally, I have decided always to leave the laptop in the sleep mode instead of switching it off. When the battery was too low I used to spend pretty much time pressing the power button to bring my laptop back to life. After my laptop switched off a couple of days ago I could not do anything anymore.

My guess is that the problem is in the motherboard, VGA or power unit as the contacts in the button are OK. I could not find any posts describing the same situation.

This is what I have at the moment:
* The laptop is switched off and is not booting up.
* Pressing the power button when the power adaptor is connected (no matter if the battery is in the battery bay or not) gives no effect at all.
* Pressing the power button when the power adaptor is not connected and the battery is installed makes the battery light flashing 3 times just as when it is too low. This happens only once after plugging in the battery, but anyway shows that the button itself is OK. I have checked this with two 100% charged batteries.
* Batteries can be charged (a battery light is on during this process as usual). Power connector light works too.
* Media button does not switch on the laptop and does not make the power light flashing as the power button.

So it looks like the laptop receives the signal from the button, does the initial check, but does not continue because something is wrong.

A couple of weeks ago I brought my laptop to the repair shop (London, UK). They disassembled it, assembled it back and after that everything worked fine for a short while. The guy said that he did nothing and did not understand how it was repaired.

Some time ago I also had a serious problem with the screen and had to replace it. Maybe this could affect somehow on the problem I have now. The issue I described started before the replacement.

Does anyone have an idea of what is wrong? Thank you!


Jul 15, 2010
I know you can change what the power button does in most windows versions if you can acctually get it to start try that. the BIOS may also have options for that power button which you may also wanna look at.

Either than that the best thing to do would be to call HP as testing for electronic failure is always hard because as you said parts will randomly start working again, and showing no issues

call HP see if they will pay shipping to fix it and such whihc if you warranty still stands they problably will


Sep 10, 2010
Sounds to me like your motherboard is dead you can check out these guys they have helped me with replacement motherboards before. DV2000 Motherboard They always have very timely shipping and Grade A customer support.
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