HP Pavillion DV6 7050 review


Jun 24, 2012

So i have recently purchased a laptop. I though i would give you my review and ask you some questions.
I will update as time goes by

Processor: Intel Core i3-2350m @ 2.3GHz
Chipset: Intel HM77
Graphics Card: GT 630m 1gb
Memory(RAM) :4GB
Hard Drive : 500gb 5200 rpm
Screen Size: 15.6" LED

I have no problem loading things, takes little time. Not much too say other than it stays cool for a laptop but thats more to do with the fans. Same with chipset.

Haven't gamed yet other than facebook games. It plays video really well , haven't had a single buffer on 720p.

Memory (ram)

I thought 4gb would be enough, but i use about 2gb using chrome (6 pinned tabs). Thinking of upgrading.
Can have lots of tabs but i like speed.

Hard Drive
Not quick but tolerable, willing to upgrade but RAM is first on list. Booting takes about 15 seconds. I can have it on standby which doesn't consume battery and can get on chrome in under 7 seconds. space is good. used 66gb on my C: Drive (reserves some for D: )

Good quality, will come good when i get games.


Sounds like external speakers. Too scared to go to full volume, never been there

Keyboard and Trackpad
Keyboard is really ergonomic for a laptop, has a slight desktop feel so i know i pressed it.
Trackpad is accurate and easy to control.

Anything Else

Fingerprint scanner:
Good, doesn't always scan but easy to setup and you can assign webpages, can also use it to login to windows and webpages.

Not warm at all, feels slighty warm but not hot, like a pet cat. also purrs like one too.


I want to upgrade RAM, crucial says i should get 16gb ram but HP say 8gb, what is more sensible?

My friend says HP are not reliable, should i be concerned?