HTC vive or Oculus Rift

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Mar 30, 2017
So for my 18th birthday i get to choose what i want. (i usually get books and stuff so this is a first). I get to choose between the oculus rift and the vive, now i love fallout 4 and open world games, and i use steam alot. I have a 1050 ti but will buy a 980. I dont care about the look or weight, just love open world games and stuff. Which one?
gtx 1050 ti (soon 980)
500gb ssd
650 watt psu
I would say it depends on if you want roomscale or not, if you want roomscale go Vive if not Rift..

Now why get an 980?? I would get an 1070 since its newer and better..

1: Vive has more screendoor effect but more vibrant Rift has less screendoor affect but less vibrant (Vibrancy is not an huge difference).
2: Rift usually give 8x8 foot play area with 3 sensors the Vive is about 10x10-15x15 feet I am pretty sure
3: Rift runs on lower end PCs because ASW Vive does not
4: Rift needs USB connectors for sensors and headset Vive only needs it for headset
5: Vives sensors are powered from the Outlet not USB
6: Support is pretty bad both sides this is really a I hope I get good support when you need them
7: Vive is known to have Controller...
Oct 12, 2018
Ok I know nothing about this I’m just a mom wanting to buy the htc vive for my son Xmas presents, really hope someone can help me.

He got
Nvidia geforce gtx1060 or amd Radeon rx 480 graphics card

Intel core i5-4590 or amd fx 8350 processor

These are the two things that have flagged up on the test that MIGHT not work.
My boy has been on about this vive for years he is 14 just turned I don’t want to spend any money on upgrading the pc will it work enough for him to play till I can afford to upgrade?
Thank you for your help xx