[HTPC] Onboard graphics - Catalyst & Overscan


Jun 19, 2013

Don't know whether this is the correct place to post this, so apologies if this is incorrect..

Recently built a HPTC, using onboard graphics (Radeon 3000 HD) on my GA-78LMT board. Have hooked up via HDMI to a 42" Panasonic.

Noticed that on desktop there is a small 1/2" border around the outside of the screen (i.e the desktop isn't taking up the full screen of the TV). So, installed catalyst - used the overscan options. Now taking up the full screen..

However, whenever I launch PowerDVD (the cheaper version of the two) to play a regular DVD, I notice that the borders are back again - PowerDVD seems to ignore the overscan options I previously defined, and, when exiting PowerDVD, the borders are back again when I return to desktop.

Any ideas?