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  1. XAKEP

    Really DARK TV after HDR10 Enable.

    Quick question. After I enabled HDR and Advanced Colors my TV became REALLY dark. I thought because HDR streams sending how each pixel should be lit I'll have nice picture when actual movie will be played, but nothing happed all I see is a movie on this really dark screen. What I am missing ...
  2. Jonathanese

    Any free upscalers like PowerDVD?

    Of all the media players I've used thus far, my favorite feature in a media player has been the upscaler in PowerDVD. It has a very-high-performance SD->HD interpolater and motion interpolater that seems to do a great job with DVDs, SD videos, and HD videos that are only 24FPS. Since this...
  3. U

    Does Cyberlink PowerDVD 17 Ultra have 4k UHD Blu-ray disc playback support or not?

    Does Cyberlink PowerDVD 17 Ultra have 4k UHD Blu-ray disc playback support or not?
  4. D

    Free or low cost Blu-Ray software

    Title says it all. I've had it with PowerDVD's bloat. Every few years newer BR will 'break' and I'm forced to buy a new version to play them on my PC. Any suggestions on good free or low cost BR playing software.
  5. C

    Frustrated new member messed up download

    About an hour ago I attempted to download PowerDVD 14 with a shareware license. Your site confirmed a download, but I could not find it in my computer. Who do I contact?
  6. G

    HDCP Compliant Errors

    I have an HTPC with a 980 Ti GPU hooked up to a Panasonic AX800 TV. There is a Displayport connection and an HDMI 2.0 connection. Displayport works great, but only supports 60Hz, so if I want judder-free Blu-ray playback, I need a 24Hz refresh rate on the TV. This is done through HDMI. The TV is...
  7. A

    PowerDVD demo won't play dvd's properly

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the PowerDVD 15 demo. When I insert a dvd the previews leading up to the menu appear to be in slow motion with no audio but once the menu appears audio returns. I click on 'play' and it returns to the slow motion that plagued the previews...
  8. Wolfshadw

    A grievance against Cyberlink

    So, many, many moons ago, I purchased an LG Blu-Ray drive for my HTPC. It's been working perfectly ever since I installed it. Along with the drive was a copy of Cyberlink's PowerDVD 9. This would be the software that I would need to watch Blu-Ray movies on my HTPC. For the first month or so...
  9. S

    Best 3D Bluray Software - PC

    Hi, I am looking for software that will play 3D Blurays on my PC(PC is connected to 3D projector) I don't care about a lot of extra features, just need it to play 3D Blurays. I was looking at PowerDVD 15 Ultra but it comes with a lot of features I do not need. Another option was PowerDVD Live...
  10. C

    Error installing powerDVD from disc?

    I am trying to install the powerDVD 12 application from the disc that came with my Gigabyte GA 970A UD3P motherboard, but when I try i immediately get a runtime error. Does anyone know how can i get it to install? Thanks!
  11. E

    powerdvd launching with keystrokes

    I have an ASUS laptop. They K key seems to be typing extra characters most times. I have tried the numlock and fn+numlock and it fixes it temporarily. The most baffling part of this is inside word when the k key is pushed it will type asf/ carriage return and launch powerdvd 10. This also...
  12. L

    Cyberlink PowerDirector 10 or Lenovo PowerDVD 10?

    Hello All, Just received my Lenovo Z10 laptop. I'm removing bloatware, but am unsure of these two: Lenovo PowerDVD 10 and CyberLink PowerDirector 10. I may or may not play DVDs on this machine. Can I delete one of them? Do I need both or can I delete both? Also wondering about: Energy...
  13. C

    PowerDVD 14 sound but no picture

    I am trying to play .mkv files which your product information says can be played with powerdvd, I get sound but no picture. What do I need to do?
  14. T

    Ok, here's the problem of the year. I have an Asus x45a laptop,came with win 7,now updated to win 8.1 .Works fine.

    Anyhow, my laptop came with a cyberlnk PowerDVD 10 player that does not play Blu Ray discs. I got a Samsung BD-h5900 built in wifi Blu Ray player that is hooked up to a big screen TV.It plays DVD, Blu Ray discs,and Netflix find through the TV. Now here's the problem. The TV is used by my family...
  15. J

    Good program for Blu-ray movie playback on PC

    I was using the HP Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 as a free program for watching movies from my Blu-ray drive on my HP computer. Now that I have upgraded the CPU and motherboard, the Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 installer detected the PC as a non-Hewlett Packard system and rejected the installation. Is there a...
  16. anupam_luv

    PowerDVD 13 want to edit/manage Playlists, edit tags etc

    I have thousands of mp3 songs on my PC Earlier I was very comfortable with Windows Media Player where I could easily manage my hundreds of playlists, edit mp3 tags like movie name, artiste etc, Direct drag and drop to Playlist etc... But after looking at the popularity of PowerDVD ultra, I...
  17. K

    Any free Blu Ray for Win 7?

    Got myself a new Blu Ray for my PC - however the software I bought doesn't work! (PowerDVD 13) I've already gone and wasted £40 on that so very reluctant to spend more. I've also tried VLC, but it doesn't want to play my discs! Help please :(
  18. V

    Powerdvd 11 ultra

    Hello all i purchased this software a few years ago. I have not registered the product online but have used cd key on my pc. Can i resell this software on ebay. Thank you
  19. J

    [HTPC] Onboard graphics - Catalyst & Overscan

    Hi, Don't know whether this is the correct place to post this, so apologies if this is incorrect.. Recently built a HPTC, using onboard graphics (Radeon 3000 HD) on my GA-78LMT board. Have hooked up via HDMI to a 42" Panasonic. Noticed that on desktop there is a small 1/2" border around...
  20. F

    How do I play a video file from my internal harddrive, Sony Vaio, 64 bit, Windows 7, with CyberLink PowerDvd version 9?

    How do I play a video file from my internal harddrive with CyberLink PowerDvd version 9? The option to choose a source location other than drive E (the DVD drive) does not appear to be available. My sister uses this program on her laptop and says that this option does exist on her CyberLink...
  21. E

    PowerDVD 10 + Bluray dialog audio issues

    Hi all, Recently completed a build based on the ASRock Extreme4 board w/ integrated RealTek HD audio chipset. In addition, I've installed a LG BD for movies and storage. The drive was bundled with the Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 software which I am currently using to watch Snatch. Here is where I...
  22. G

    My 6 month old Blu-ray drive won't play Blu-rays without paying more money.

    Hi, I purchased a Samsung mid-priced Blu-ray drive from NewEgg about 6 months ago (it was new). It came with PowereDVD 9 in the box and all has been fine, though it's been a few months since I've popped in a brand new Blu-ray. I purchased a Blu-ray copy of Prometheus yesterday, got home, popped...
  23. captjoe

    Best software for media center build

    I have an new build and wil be loading software this week. I have PowerDVD 11 right now. Any other that the community could recommend. Also windows media center
  24. B

    Multi regional Blu ray player?

    Hi there, I can't seem to find any blu ray software that is region free. Most of them, like powerdvd, will only let you change your region 5 times. Does anybody know of one? Also, if it can burn blu ray's too that would be great. Thanks!
  25. MauveCloud

    PowerDVD issues - correctable or alternate software?

    Last November, I bought an HTPC and a Plextor external Blu-Ray drive which came with PowerDVD 9, and I succumbed to the prompts to upgrade it to 10 (though it still pops up offers to upgrade to their media suite package or some such). For a while, it's been okay except for the occasional...
  26. S

    Creative labs, powerdvd download error

    I have windows xp, and a Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio sound card that I got about 2 years ago and it comes with a free download of PowerDVD, I had to reinstall xp a couple of times cause of trying linux and now this time i reinstalled windows and creative labs software it wont let me get...
  27. J

    New aacs key for powerdvd 8 bd

    I need a basic BD-Rom reader software for Win 7 64 bit?any help would be greatly appreciated.
  28. MauveCloud

    How do I suppress upgrade prompt in PowerDVD 9?

    I have set up an HTPC with an external Blu-Ray reader (Plextor PX-B120U) that came with PowerDVD 9, but for some DVDs, it pops up a dialog saying I need to upgrade to get Dolby Digital 5.1 audio (or something like that), yet runs the video in the background, so I end up missing a few seconds of...
  29. R

    Http://www tomshardware com/forum/263950-33-sound-viewing-powerdvd

    Hello, i have toshiba tecra a8 and they keep telling me : this version of power dvd doesnt support Dolby digital audio!!!what should i do plz help