Solved! HTPC to Home Theater Reciever Sound Problem!


Jun 18, 2006
Hi guys..

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask for this question but here goes...

I recently purchased a Gateway SX2840-01 to connect to my home theater. My home theater uses a Denon AVR-790 as the receiver and a 5.1 surround sound system. For some reason when I start my computer, there is sound. Whenver I start another program that uses sound, the sound would go away. For example, I would turn on itunes and when i click on the sound button on the bottom right of the screen, I can still seen the sound bar moving up and down but then there would be no sound! If turn the receiver off and back on again, the sound would come back on. I tried using a different HDMI cable and using a different HDMI oulet from the reciever but it did not seem to work at all. Whenever I have to stop one you tube video to the next youtube video, I would either have to turn off the unit or change to a different source then back for the sound to resume. Please help.. this is so frustrating... I tried reinstalling the driver for my onboard sound card but it didnt help. I tried contacting gateway support but they forwarded me to anoher company that i have to pay, which didnt made sense for a computer I just bought less than a month ago..

I would contact Denon and tell them what is happening. It seems that the receiver is loosing it's "handshake" with the PC which occurs with HDMI to HDMI connections. If they can't solve it you may have to use the digital audio out from your PC for sound.