Question Huawei Matebook X Pro - Automatic Repair screen, then login screen, now won't charge

Apr 6, 2020
Hi all, hope you can help... managed to get a decent amount of water over the laptop's left back corner (where the ports are) Was also low on free disk space when this happened.

Everything froze up, then the laptop went through a long process of trying to boot and displaying the 'Launch Automatic Repair' screen, with multiple manual power-downs on my part. Eventually it got to the blue screen with the option to reset, but before I selected anything then blacked out again, then eventually booted to the normal login screen.

Here it wouldn't accept my PIN because (possibly) of multiple power-downs, telling me I should wait at least 2 hours. I did originally register a fingerprint for access but it's subsequently had trouble recognizing this, so I opted to wait for the PIN login.

By this point it was a couple of hours after the accident and to dry it I'd left the laptop in a room with extractor fan on and toweled out the ports, so I plugged in the AC adapter. The battery icon at bottom right of the screen showed it was charging. However after a while the laptop powered down and now won't power on again - the charging indicator light only blinks slowly twice and then dies (as the Fn key blinks once). Plugging in the AC adapter doesn't cause the indicator light to turn on.

Hope that someone can suggest something... there is a Huawei service centre in my city, but like everything else it's closed for at least a few weeks because of the coronavirus lockdown. Already had a look at this thread

Jul 12, 2020
Hey expat, I am currently panicking about the exact same scenario with my own huawei x pro. Spilled water on it, then 10min after drying it went black and won't show anything other than the bootup/auto repair message. How did your laptop turn out in the end?
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