Question Huawei mediapad m5 is not showing 5GHz wifi in in the network lists


Feb 19, 2017
Huawei media pad m5 cannot find 5GHz wifi while searching, it was showing before and I was used to connect it with 5GHz wifi, I have checked my friends phone and it is shows 5GHz band in it, network reset and factory reset are done still no use and also tried to add wifi in networks manually it shows cannot find thisnetwork
What may be the trouble? Software or hardware?
As it uses same wifi module for dual band is there any chances of hardware problems?
Did you try the following...

1. Restart (just turn it fully off, no power, and then back on). Sometimes that is all you need to do.

2. Turn off your WiFi on the tablet, restart the tablet, and then turn the tablets WiFi back on.

3. Turn off 'data' on the phone and see if the 5MHz will work then. If so, you will have to use it only while 'data' is turned off.

4. Was the tablet rooted? If so, this can cause the problem if there is a conflict. You would then need to unroot the tablet to get access again.

5. Try testing the tablet on other WiFi networks running 5MHz to see if it works on those. If it does, there may be a restriction for either other devices or your device specifically on the network you cannot access. If you can't access 5MHz WiFi anywhere then try 2.4 MHz. If that works, it is possible there is a problem with the tablet and it will need to be looked at by a tech (or the manufacturer if under warranty).
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