Solved! Humming in stereo speakers while in standby

Feb 11, 2018
I’ve recently purchased an Amazon Echo dot, and plan to hook it up to my stereo system above my bed.

The only problem- I need the amplifier on at all times so I can hear the Echo.

And when I have my stereo on at night, it makes a quiet humming noise that I can hear very clearly when I put my head against my pillow. This is driving me crazy, since I can’t sleep with it on, thus I can’t use the Echo to its full potential with alarms and timers.

Please help me fix the humming coming from my speakers. Is this normal, will I have to deal with it?

You may have a ground loop. If you disconnect all your sources from the stereo do you still get hum.
If the stereo is an old one there may be capacitors that are no longer up able to filter hum.
With the Echo Dot off turn the volume of the stereo up until you can hear the hum and then back it down. Then adjust your volume on the Dot. Hopefully it will be loud enough.
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